I spent my day in my office. Filled with music and laughter. Coaching and being coached and singing and boosting confidence by making subtle changes in tongue placement, or in the connection to breath, or giving others the courage to hit “Go Live”.

I spent my day celebrating the hard work of others, the brave work of others, the JOYFUL work of others who were coaching, or being coached, or singing, or creating.

Around 5pm I came out of my office and the news was on. I said, what the heck is going on. My husband says… oh you don't know.

Then I hear what happened over the past few days and I want to throw up. (I never watch the news anymore.) I go back to my office and continue coaching, being coached and singing.

I'm sitting here talking to my good friend Jen in a Facebook chat. I'm in a quite house full of sleeping boys and a face full of tears. What the ACTUAL HECK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? How have we allowed ourselves to get to a place where we have to remind each other that human lives matter? How do you get to a place where it's ok to shoot another human being?

I feel guilty for staying quiet. I told Jen that I felt that I needed to say something, but then again… there is nothing to say.

I worry that talking about peace will somehow start a fight.

I worry that talking about racial, gender or marriage equality will somehow start a fight.

I worry that sitting here in my studio means that I have blinders up to what is actually happening out there in the world.

I worry that posting about the recent bombs or shootings will just give more attention to those that are spreading hate and negativity.

I think about all that has happened in the past few weeks and I get angry. I think… I need to DO something.

– I need humans of all skin colors to know that I am not afraid of them and that I love them.

– I need people of all faiths to know that I love them.

– I need people of all genders to know that I love them.

– I need police officers to know that I'm not afraid of them, that I'm grateful for their protection, and that I love them.

I start to feel like I'm doing nothing. Like, I'm avoiding this mess by staying quiet and keeping my opinions to myself. BUT then I remember that I'm really committed to only one cause.

There is power in the positive. There is power in connecting with humans and knowing that their lives matter. There is power in music. There is power in focusing on light and good and spreading joy.

May we all hold our kiddos tighter tonight and remember that there is good.

I want you to know that I may not know you personally, but I love you.

Music Matters.

Sharing the goodness of your business with confidence and courage matters.

This country has provided us with great freedoms.

We have the freedom to live with love.