Let's face it, being visible (whether on camera or off) can be down right scary. But it is time to get out of your comfort zone!
Especially if you are more of an introvert or have struggled with social anxiety.
Many people see our hosts and wonder, how could I have the courage to do this??
We want you to know that you aren't alone.

This week, I'm bringing on a guest, Twitch Streamer Mechavoy, who went from paralyzing social anxiety to running his own live streaming channel!

I was amazed to learn his tips for moving through this and instantly knew she had to have him on as a guest to share the strategies with you!
Whether you suffer from social anxiety, or just want strategies for bravely stepping out into your next level of business… this episode of Camera Confidence LIVE is for you!
And, here's some notes from the show. His tips ready to go!

1. Call up a local business near you and tell them a joke. It can be any simple joke and then try to get them to tell you a joke back if you're feeling confident!

2. Go to a coffee shop and just sit there, you don’t need to interact with anyone, just pick a table alone and people watch

3. Say hi to at least 5 people walking on the street. Nothing more.

4. Say a compliment to at least 2 people and ask how their day is. Don't need to keep talking to the person after this if you don't want to

5. Have some small talk! Do the same as step number 4, but bring up something about the weather, or about sports, or about entertainment. The goal here is to have at least a 5 minute conversation about something with the person.

Be sure to check out Mechavoy's Twitch Channel! Twitch.tv/Mechavoy