Overwhelmed? Jump into this mini masterclass! Let's kick it to the curb. While your business expands and it can feel impossible to keep up. As entrepreneurs, we set such huge goals for ourselves… and if you are anything like me, you have an inappropriate relationship with time. Ha! #oops. Today I'm going to show you how to decide what to do next, to get focused, and how eliminating tasks (even some things that you actually enjoy doing) will not only give you more freedom, it will increase your profits.

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  1. So true. I made myself sick. Literally physically sick from stress

  2. Kendra Lea says:

    So many things I’m thinking about in this arena right now! So enlightening Molly!

  3. Sarah Lennen says:

    Im currently on a wait list to start selling clothing We have things we have to do durring the 6 week wait, I’m trying hard to stay focused but your tips have helped my anxiety so much! It’s exactly what I need to hear

  4. Lisa Monette says:

    Love your black backdrop!

  5. Kendra Lea says:

    I have 10 courses I want to teach and I am having such a hard time deciding 😆

  6. Lisa Monette says:

    Document what I record of what I need ..clear for helper not to miss things!

  7. Lisa Monette says:

    Brilliant! Living documents as things change”

  8. Kendra Lea says:

    Yes we do the rock analogy for ministry!

  9. Lisa Monette says:

    Do you schedule sleep????? I need a color to be Molly!!!

  10. Love the rock analogy and the color calendar!

  11. Wow… That’s sounds awesome!

  12. Lisa Monette says:

    What makes a great coach to you?

  13. Total truth. Gotta have a coach

  14. Coaches lift and lead, mine gives me tough love

  15. Lisa Monette says:

    Someone who sees us even bigger than we do! Booty kicker! Love it!

  16. Lisa Monette says:

    Amazing! $700 versus $10K! Good coaching!!

  17. Lisa Monette says:

    Iv had friends ripped off with high end too…it’s becoming homework!

  18. Kendra Lea says:

    I wanna delve in both! So many ideas. Wanna create my own products 🤗

  19. Tailoring and tweaking to uplevel. It is work but it IS going to pay off.

  20. Lisa Monette says:


  21. such a newbie but How if at all can this be put in action for multi products….I’m a senior consultant with Pampered Chef How do I put this into action for my clients? Does that make sense?

  22. Lisa Monette says:

    Abundance by creating space!

  23. Lisa Monette says:

    Gotta run! You made my morning!! Muah!!!! 💋!!!!🎤🤗

  24. Yes ! I do! I want it to be MY OWN!

  25. thank you Molly ! Have a great Day!

  26. Tracey Cox says:

    Hey Molly Mahoney you are fun and fantastic

  27. Tracey Cox says:

    simplify is key 1… to joy

  28. I like that “Be your own guru”!

  29. Tracey Cox says:

    one thing at a time… yes… did that

  30. Tracey Cox says:

    podcasting is not your style

  31. Tracey Cox says:

    joy and business connection

  32. Tracey Cox says:

    Have someone document your stream of consciousness

  33. Tracey Cox says:

    color coding…. cool…. love it

  34. Tracey Cox says:

    simple social press ssp

  35. Tracey Cox says:

    Live Leap is really so cool…

  36. Tracey Cox says:

    I need support… assistant… anyone available?????

  37. Austin Griffith Laureli Williams

  38. On point for me right now! I’m a CPA specializing in tax.!

  39. Great video, Molly! I am in Direct Sales also, and looking for a way to expand it.

  40. So true Jean Lee ,I have made my self sick also

  41. Fine your joy first.😎

  42. OMG – I so relate to this!!! I just spent an entire weekend evaluating what I really wanted out of life – separate from my business – so that I could find balance! Too much stress and feeling overwhelmed always PUSHING!

  43. Sleep – part of the self-care!!!

  44. Leanne Peard says:

    Great calender where did you purchase this from?

  45. Lisa Malone says:

    Thank you Molly I feel inspired going to try these tips you are amazing ❤️💋

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