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Building a successful business with Pia Larson – Fingerprint Marketing: Joyful Journey Live! Learn about building a team, how your style choices can help book you clients, and being resilient so you can find joy in the journey while you build your dream business! Comment below if you'd like a free website assesment! And don't forget to tune in for our upcoming LIVE VIDEO MASTER CLASS!

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  1. Good morning from Santa Clarita, Ca!

  2. Molly do you have an echo?

  3. How cool! I got a pop-up square on my phone that told me you were live!!!

  4. Love the ring! I love necklaces for me. <3

  5. It’s still echo-ing a little.

  6. Yeahhh! Destination Weddings baby!

  7. Bring it! Will Medina with LoveShack Vacations <3

  8. Mandie Rado Morales check this out

  9. Noe Garcia They are talking to you!

  10. Here a bit late…? – resilient

  11. Here a bit late…😀 – resilient

  12. Check out Pia Larson – Fingerprint Marketing’s awesome work at

  13. Here a bit late… – resilient

  14. Hi Molly and Pia! Listening on replay.

  15. Leis Bohacek says:

    Website assessment please..

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