Are you torn between joining the Actors Equity Association and building up Non-Equity credits and experiences? Maybe you read our earlier pro and con AEA post? I know it can be a crazy tough decision to make!  Luckily, Montaja Simmons has been there and joined me for an interview that I'm excited to share with all of you. (This one's been sitting in the archives waiting to join the line up, so you'll notice a change in scenery… and some shaky camera work.)

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Montaja Simmons is a proud native of Pittsburgh, PA; she obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Musical Theater from Youngstown State University.

In the second semester of her senior year in college, she became an official union member receiving her Actors Equity Association Card.

Now back in her home town of Pittsburgh, Pa she continues to pursue her acting career, while trying her hand at film work, commercials, voice over work and even Disney Princess Impersonating.  You can catch Montaja in her most recent Commercial work with Giant Eagle's grocery store.

Montaja Believes everything creative, artistic and inspiring is worth perusing and in the near future her very own business to help sharpen the excellence of performers of all types will be in full swing.

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TPPP 005: Actors Equity Association To Join or Not to Join – Part 1 – Molly Tynes (Pippin on Broadway)

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