Podcasts are all the rage these days, but you know that visibility is one thing… RESULTS are another! I’m all about putting out content that leads to CLIENTS and making a bigger impact, so lets learn a bit about Podcasting to Build Your Business with Joe Sanok.

I’ve asked my friend Joe, to join us and share more about Podcasting to Build Your Business with Little to No Audience! How awesome is that!?

Joe is a keynote and TEDx speaker, business consultant, and podcaster. Joe has the #1 podcast for counselors, The Practice of the Practice Podcast. With interviews with Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, and Lewis Howes. Joe is a writer for PsychCentral, has been featured on the Huffington Post, Forbes, GOOD Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Entrepreneur on Fire, and Yahoo News. He is author of five books and has been named the Therapist Resource top podcast, consultant, and blogger.

If you’ve ever thought about podcasting, you are going to want to keep reading and definitely watch the video, because we’re going to teach you how podcasts can get you the results you want, and how you can actually make sales from your podcast to fill up your programs and sell out your products! Here we go!!

Podcasting to Build Your Business

Molly Mahoney: Hi Joe! 

Joe Sanok: How’s it going?

Molly Mahoney: All right, so Joe, literally this might be the most valuable video, podcast, whatever, thing that we have done ever. Hands down, I’m so excited. We’re going to go through these points together so Here we go! So, the first thing you want to do when you’re getting ready to launch a podcast, or if you’re going to kind of do a relaunch of your podcast, is think of the pain and the people. Tell us a little about that.

Before you launch-

Joe Sanok: Yes. So, often times people will start with the product they want to pitch and then they wonder why they aren’t making any sales at all. People are looking for some sort of transformation at the end of whatever they are reading or watching, so instead, if you fall in love with the pain and the people and really get to know that and nail it, then it’s so much easier to pitch your product on the other side. 

Molly Mahoney: And once you do that, then you want to move into the nine part email course. What is that? And is that before you launch your podcast?

Joe Sanok: Yes, All before you launch your podcast. Because you want to really get in the head of your ideal listener. So your nine part email course is going to be broken down into three sections. First section is going to be where you’re kind of deconstructing society and saying to people, listen, basically society screwed you over. It’s normal that you feel this way and you feel this pain, but we’re not going to stay there. Second, you’re going to give them some quick wins so that this week they can experience some transformation, things that are really easy, low hanging fruit for them. And then third, what you’re going to do is you’re going to want to make sure that you give them some longterm habits that they can enact. So then they’re experiencing longterm change as a result of your email course. 


Enhance the Course

Molly Mahoney: I love it! So, as they’re going through that, you want to create ways you can enhance the email course, correct? By creating some sort of, workbook or a lead magnet. Tell us about that, ways to actually enhance the email course. 

Joe Sanok: Yeah, so most people will just start with some quick checklists that they throw together on Canva. But what really we’re seeing work, is to first build out your nine part email course and then say, what would make this even better? Would it be a 10 page workbook people could print out? Is it going to be something that they can cut out and put it on their mirror? Something that really adds value to it. So you want to finish your eCourse before you ever create your opt-in because then you know where they’re headed. And then you can say, okay, here’s the very first thing they’re going to get and blow their minds from the beginning.

Launching The Podcast- The First 5 Episodes

Molly Mahoney: And THEN you launch your podcast, right? So your first five episodes, what do they have?

Joe Sanok: Yeah, so these are going to be solo shows. And in these solo shows, you’re really positioning yourself as the expert. That you actually have something to say, you don’t just want to say something. Because a lot of people go back to your very first episodes. And so these first five are really important to think through. What are the pillars of this podcast? I believe these things, I think the world should look this way, etc. so that you’re making bold statements that can help people say, “yes, I’m in.” But even more importantly, I’m out because you want your ideal listener to be there. And I would much rather have you have a handful of ideal listeners than to have a whole bunch of people that aren’t.

The next 5 episodes

Molly Mahoney: I love it! After you’ve done those first five pillars, you move into five what?

Joe Sanok: Five expert interviews. So you’re looking for people that have more expertise in these areas that you cover, then maybe you have. By aligning yourself with these experts, you right away are being put at that expert level. And so you’ve now kind of deconstructed things, reconstructed them and can say, “now I’m an expert and I’m in this space with these other people.”

Episodes 11-15

Molly Mahoney: I dig it! Okay. And then you move into?

Joe Sanok: Your five consulting episodes. So this is live consulting that you’re doing with your ideal client. And so it could be people that are already a part of your community, maybe they’re on your email list already. Or it could be friends that you want to help them out that have the same challenges as your listener. Because it’s one thing to be an expert, to be able to speak to that and do these pillars, BUT to actually translate that into action for the everyday people, that needs to be demonstrated. This way people can really visualize themselves being on the other side of your consulting and they say, “I want to work with that person.”

How Often?

Molly Mahoney: So good. And how often are you releasing these podcasts?

Joe Sanok: Yeah. So on day one when you launch, you want to launch at least five episodes so that if someone listens to episode number one and they say, oh my gosh, my mind is blown, they listen to five. So you’re going to have five times more listens right when you launched than someone that doesn’t do that. You usually don’t want to even plan to launch until you have 10 already recorded, already set and have your show notes done, transcribed, all of that. So that you can do your five launch on day one and then have them come out at least weekly over the next five weeks. That allows you to really be marketing, be on other people’s podcasts, be pushing it, getting reviews so that you aren’t focusing on just creating content right at the beginning.

I have Listeners, Now what?

Molly Mahoney: Yeah, that makes sense, because that can be crazy. And then you’re not getting results because all you’re doing is talking to yourself. Okay, so then from there, after you had your 100 people that have signed up for your course, what are you going to do?

Joe Sanok: You’re going to email these 100 people and offer them a free 20 minute consulting call. But you’re going to be very clear that you are not selling anything to them and that you’re really just want to understand what their biggest pains are. So when they get on this call with you, the first question that you’re going to ask them is going to be, “what has this been like? What’s the pain been like?” So if you’re working with stay at home moms, “what’s it been like to be a stay at home mom? What’s been challenging? What’s been tough?” You’re using their language rather than the way you perceive what their pain is. The second question that you’re going to ask them is, “if there is a magical product out there that solved this problem for you, whether it’s an eCourse, membership community, some sort of consulting or mastermind group, what would that look like?”

You have them sketch it out. Now if they get stuck, you can always say, offer suggestions, “here’s some things we’re considering, what do you think about that?” So then you’re creating this magical product to and with the people that are most invested. I mean these are people that have listened to the podcast, they’ve joined your email course and now they’ve jumped on a phone call with you. So they are the ones that are most likely to buy.

And then lastly, you’re going to ask them,how much would you pay for this?” Because if they say, “I’m going to pay $5.00 for it, well it’s not worth your time to create this mega product for them.” Whereas if they say, “I’d drop 100 bucks a month” and you think, wow, to make this, I’d only need 10 people to sign up to make it worth my time.  That is absolutely what you want to go after. Then you’re going to sell back to those very first people and have them as your beta testers, to tell you what you can improve on and where you screwed up, and because you gave them a discount and they love you so much, they’re going to be really gracious with you. 

A Review Day

Molly Mahoney: They are your founding members. I love it so much. And then from there, once you launched the podcast, you mentioned that you want to do one single review day, right? A week after you launch. Is that right?

Joe Sanok: Yeah. So you want to plan your review day about a week after launch and that’s in case any tech issues come up. If for some reason Apple doesn’t approve your podcast or if there’s any snafu, you just want to make sure that you give yourself enough time. And you want one day because at least right now, that’s what Apple really likes. They like to see a bunch of reviews, subscribes all in one day. So you can host a party at your house and have everyone bring their phone and pull it out and be like, “I am going to show you how to review my podcast.”

Molly Mahoney: Oh my gosh, I love that idea. That’s such a good idea.

Joe Sanok: I have a fun podcast I did with a friend and he owns a brewery and we hosted a giant party at the brewery. And half the people didn’t even know they had the podcast app on their phone. These are people my own age, so I’m like, “Give me your phone, unlock it. You click here, you subscribe here, you give it five stars and now you’re in the drawing.”

Molly Mahoney: It’s been tough for me to realize where to review a podcast actually. I will say. So that would actually be my favorite way to do that is for everyone to do it together so that everyone can show me and make sure I’m doing it right.

Final Thoughts

Molly Mahoney: Oh my gosh. I love it so much. Any last words of wisdom?

Joe Sanok: I think the biggest thing is that people have things inside of them that they believe or that they can help the world with. They don’t quite understand that, that is a super power that other people absolutely would be blown away and transformed through with it. What you have inside you, the world needs to hear more of and so go out there and get that message out through a podcast.

Molly Mahoney: I love it so much. And of course, where can people find out more about you?

Joe Sanok:  Podcastslaunchschool.com is the best spot. That’s where they can get the nine part email course as well. They can get early opt-in to our eCourse. That’s going to take you through all of this. You can also apply for our done for you services over at practiceofthepractice.com/apply, if you want to have us do all the back end for the podcast and you just show up and record.

Molly Mahoney: Thank you so much Joe! We hope that what Joe has shared has been inspirational to help you understand how podcasts can get you the results you want!


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