Progress on Purpose! Amy Jones is our guest on today’s Joyful Journey Live!

Progress on Purpose!

Finding Joy in the Journey as a business owner is not always easy… but it makes for a much more enjoyable and SUCCESSFUL ride! Today at 10:30am PT we'll hear from Amy M Jones of Map Your Progress!

She is a Progress Coach who helps people figure out what they most want and how to actually get it. She started her business, Map Your Progress, to help people make progress “on purpose” using interactive artwork to break down big goals into next right steps so they can visualize their progress AND enjoy the process. #joyfuljourney #stand4joy#elevateyourawesome

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  1. Tracey Cox says:

    Hi Amy and Molly Mahoney

  2. Tracey Cox says:

    Yes, I’m all about light

  3. Tracey Cox says:

    How do I know what mine is?

  4. Flashlight might be me.

  5. Tracey Cox says:

    OMG I am a lighthouse ~ #beaconbabe is me!

  6. Tracey Cox says:

    I just toook the quiz

  7. darn my audio isn’t working correctly

  8. Tracey are you a Lighthouse?

  9. Tracey Cox says:

    Amy has a great website… really neat stuff

  10. Carol Freeland, try restarting your computer or phone : )

  11. Tracey Cox says:

    Amy I want to get to know you… we have alot in common

  12. Can you post the quiz site?

  13. Molly is avoiding me… waaaa

  14. I was right Flashlight!

  15. Thank you !!! Great Show!!! Great site too Amy

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