Ryan Levesque: Quiz Funnels That Get Results


Let's dive into quiz funnels with Ryan Levesque! Ryan shares his mastery at creating high-converting quiz funnels that get results!

If you’re like most marketers, you feel stuck in the same old marketing strategies. You know they aren’t working, but it’s hard to see a way out of your current situation. 

Quiz funnels are an effective alternative to traditional lead generation and sales funnel strategies that provide real value for your ideal clients while also providing a new opportunity for connection and relationship building. 

In this training, he’ll teach you how to create powerful quizzes that build trust with your community. If you haven’t tried ours yet… try it out


Introduction to Ryan Levesque


Ryan is based in Austin, Texas. In Texas this past winter, there were critical ice storms that shut down the Texas power grid for two weeks. They were without power, water, etc. for that whole time. Just this past week, they got alerts from the Texas power grid that there are chances that beginning today, they could lose power as a state because the high temperatures are too much for the grid to handle. They are saying to turn off everything even though it’s 110 degrees. So if Ryan loses power today in the middle of this, that’s what’s going on…

I did something crazy and decided to read Ryan’s actual bio today! “Ryan Levesque is the INC 500 CEO of the ASK Method Company, an entrepreneur, and the #1 best-selling author of books Choose and Ask. His work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, USA Today, Forbes, Entrepreneur, NBC News, and Fox. Over 250,000 entrepreneurs subscribe to his email newsletter offering and business advice.” Just a few people actually think he has it together, so that’s amazing. “He has also built a highly profitable $10 million a year business across 23 different niche markets, building an email list for over 4.1 million people. He is also the co-founder of bucket.io. This is a leading quiz funnel software for entrepreneurs used by over 30 million people each year. He is also a certified AFOL, Adult Fan of LEGO.” Yes, LEGO plural is in fact LEGO. 


What is a Quiz Funnel? 


A quiz funnel is not quite a quiz or a funnel; it’s as if the two got together and had a baby. You’re tapping into the psychology behind the success of quizzes, but this is ultimately a tool to generate customers or clients in your business. It’s not a Buzzfeed time-wasting quiz; it’s a way to diagnose a person’s situation so that you can prescribe the solution. “You’re tapping into the power of self-discovery, inviting people to discover something about themselves so you can ultimately better sell to that person but also better serve them at the same time.” 

There is a science and strategy behind creating these quiz funnels. Ryan Levesque has geeked out on this thing for the last 10 years of his life, building a company around it, working on this all day every day. He has really learned about all the nuances of this system. What you are looking for is the simplicity on the far side of complexity here. 

There are three big reasons why quizzes are so effective:

The first reason is incredibly inexpensive traffic and leads. You can often cut your cost per lead by 30-90% on the back of a quiz. Ryan has hundreds of examples. One guy in the personal development space was spending $6 per lead per email subscriber for his list; after he switched to a quiz, they are now 76 cents per lead. Sean Penrod is in the marathon running market; he was spending $2.59 per lead, and now he is spending 23 cents per lead. Beryl Young is a photographer who took her cost per lead from $1.67 to 14 cents. 

Quizzes generate a ton of traffic. With a quiz, people will comment on that quiz ad, engaging with this type of ad more than other types of posts. When that happens on a platform like Facebook, they will reward you as an advertiser because they love the engagement on your posts. It’s a better quality experience for users on the platform. 

When people take an irresistible quiz, they want to share it. What happens when someone shares your stuff? You get free traffic. The platforms are rewarding you for your engagement, and you get free traffic from folks who share it. 

Not only do you get incredibly inexpensive way to build your community, but these leads have an incredibly high conversion. Oftentimes, you can double or triple your conversion rate on the back of a quiz because you can customize your copy, content, message, and offer based on their results. Instead of selling in a one-size-fits-all way, you can deliver a more custom experience, which the customer will prefer. 

If you are only going to customize one element of the quiz, customize the case study. People often have a testimonial mismatch. Someone who is a beginner in your space will see a testimonial from an expert and not be able to relate it. Use your quiz to put the best example of a case study in front of a person that resonates with their situation.

You can also get incredibly fast results. When it comes to building audiences, some strategies are effective but time-consuming. With a quiz, the results can come quickly. A well-designed quiz can go viral overnight. 

Jamal Miller in the Christian singles market was starting with no business, no website, no product, nothing. Jamal is about to become a dad for the first time in his mid-20s; his wife, Natasha, is pregnant in her third trimester. At the time, Jamal was making $17 an hour working at a nonprofit affiliated with his church, but he knew he had to hustle and step it up. He heard about the power of a quiz funnel and creates a quiz called, “Why Are You Single?” The quiz goes completely viral. Over 10,000 people take it in less than two weeks. Jamal was freaking out because he had nothing to sell them. Ryan suggested that he send out a survey to his now massive list and ask them what they needed help with. What they needed help with was finding The One. He creates a membership program for $27 a month and generates over $20,000 a month in recurring revenue just launching his membership to those people who took his quiz. He called up his nonprofit and quit his job. Two weeks later, his daughter is born, and he is off to the races. Results can happen really fast clearly.

Another woman did a podcast every single week for two years and got about 13 customers on the back end of this podcast in two years. She launched a quiz funnel. In 16 days, she generated more results than she had in the past two years. 

If you’re starting from scratch, the thing that will set you up for success is a line of people waiting outside your doors. You can use a pre-launch quiz to do this for you. Incredibly fast results.

Quizzes are a great engagement strategy. If you get a bunch of people in a room, like a Facebook community or a Clubhouse room, you can tell that group of people about your quiz at a super easy personalized, custom link. Then you can have everyone take the quiz and chat about the varying results. You can do this over and over and over again as a great conversation starter in a group of people. It brings the community together. 


What Makes a Quiz Funnel Work so Well? 


There are a couple of different things going on. There are three psychological forces at play. 

    • The first is the power of self-discovery. You’re offering people the promise to discover something about themselves, which is irresistible. People are always the same, no matter what market you’re in. People care about themselves; they want you to teach them more about them. If you have ever taken a personality assessment, that’s why they do so well. Over half a billion people have taken Myers Briggs, for example. This is because we all have this innate desire to learn more about who you are.
    • The second force is the power of micro-commitments. People often ask for too much too soon. But you have to date before you get married. With a quiz funnel, you are asking people a series of multiple choice, nonthreatening questions, one at a time, to get to know them so you can customize how you speak to them. A micro-commitment is like a stepping stone. It’s a baby step, rather than a big leap across a river.
    • The last force is this flow Ryan calls Attract > Diagnose > Prescribe. The right funnel attracts the right type of people into your world so you can diagnose the situation like a doctor and ultimately prescribe the next best step for them.

If you zoom out one level, it all comes down to this. When you ask people in your audience to take the next step with you, you are asking them to do something all about me, me, me. Click MY link. The quiz is all about them instead. Find out YOUR results. You’re demonstrating your empathy to want to help them learn more about who they are. 

A quiz funnel will work in almost any niche. When Ryan first built an online business, he started in weird niche markets. He started in the Scrabble tile jewelry market and made money in it. They went into the orchid care market, the memory training market, violet care, fish oil supplements, satellite television, and so many more; they went into 23 weird niche markets. Ryan used this process successfully market after market. He used the power of a quiz funnel to build an audience, asked the market what they needed help with, and gave it to them. Sometimes they created products, sometimes they partnered with other products, or sometimes they sold products as an affiliate.

Jennifer Lee just launched a quiz in the quilting market and generated 11,998 leads in just a matter of weeks. Gabby Rast is in the horse training market, selling to horse owners around the world. Or there is the Swing Killer quiz, all about what mistake you’re making in your swing that is killing your golf game. All levels of player, no matter how good they are, has one of 10 things they are doing in their swing that is holding them back from hitting with power, distance, and consistency. This quiz will help you identify what you’re doing wrong with your swing, such as stance, hands, etc. They call this answer a Swing Killer. Over 10,000 golfers a day have taken that quiz. I need to take that quiz since I’m about to go golfing! 

The beauty is that quizzes work in bigger, more universal markets as well as smaller niche markets. They build conversations that scale within the community that you’re in. Look at how you can apply this type of quiz to you. I could do the Video Killer quiz instead of the Swing Killer quiz. 

Your first quiz is likely not going to be great. Use your first quiz as a practice quiz. Allow yourself the time to figure out how the process works best for you. Ryan put so much pressure on himself at first when he was starting a business that he did a practice business. That practice business grew to over half a million dollars a year. You never know where your first business or quiz will take you. Creating quizzes can totally be addictive. It can be so much fun to create them. As you create more quizzes, you attract people who like taking these quizzes. 


The Biggest Mistakes


There are so many mistakes that can be made in making quiz funnels and Ryan Levesque addresses the three biggest ones below. 

    • The first one is the wrong offer. These quiz funnels are designed so that your goal is to sell something to someone after they take your quiz. It’s not a silly Buzzfeed quiz.
    • The second mistake is the wrong hook. You want to create a quiz that attracts your ideal audience, so start with the end in mind. What is the next step you want someone to take after they take your quiz? The quiz isn’t a dead end; it’s the first step someone takes to go to the next thing.
    • The third mistake is asking the wrong questions. The purpose of the quiz is both to diagnose the person’s situation so that you can prescribe the next best step, but also to create desire and demand for your offer. You have to ask questions very strategically in order to do this. There is a science behind this process. How many questions should you ask in your quiz? You have to ask for enough information so that your diagnosis is believable, but you can’t ask too many questions because people won’t have the patience to sit through a quiz that will take them an hour to complete. This is a marketing quiz. The purpose of the quiz is to convert traffic into leads, customers, and clients for your business.

Ryan grew up in a risk-averse household. He was working class, and neither of his parents went to college. His dad worked nights shipping and loading boxes in a union job as a lifer of sorts. You get a job, work at that job for 50 years, and retire with a pension. That was the paradigm. So Ryan was so nervous to embark on this entrepreneurial journey that he tested everything like crazy at small levels before moving on to bigger risks. But the process Ryan has developed has been tested at every level; every single element has been tested and stress tested over and over again. 

Find out how you can build your business with quiz funnels with Ryan Levesque here.


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