Sales Success: 3 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make that Repel Ideal Clients and Sabotage Sales:

In this interview with Sales MASTER Jennifer Diepstraten of High-Ticket Sales Success Jennifer shares common traps that so many business owners fall into, how you can avoid them, and how you can transform apparent objections into buying signals!

Tap into the things that make you most amazing

Recognize that you need to be charging exactly what your transformation is worth

It’s so easy to talk yourself out of a sale because you love what you do and you want to serve

(3:58Q: When you’re selling and doing everything right and it’s still not converting and you’re starting to get down on yourself, how do you get out of a sales slump?

A: It wears on you. You’ve probably sold in the past, maybe for other people, and now you’re selling your own stuff. If you keep on saying the right things and think you are doing everything right but people keep saying “no” or “I’ll call you back” or “let me think about it” it starts to wear on us. You sometimes wonder, am I ever going to get out of this sales slump? You have to know how to evaluate – Is it the offer? Is it the pricing? Is it the prospect? OR Is is you? Sometimes you can have the most perfect offer but our energy gets off. Sometimes you have great energy but the other factors are off. Track it. Look at your numbers. Our objective mind and actual data are two different things. Make a REAL offer at least three times. Once you make an offer five or six times evaluate what is off – the offer or your energy. We want you to have a good experience too!

(8:27Q: What about when things are going really well and the potential client is interested but they just don’t have the money right now, need to check with their spouse, or need to do something else before they commit?

A: It’s awful, right? You’re 90% there but you can’t get the sale. The first mistake is hearing that as an objection. You might be on the same page but then you hear an objection and try to overcome it.. Then you will no longer be on the same page and you will not win. Phrases like “I don’t have the money” are excuses, it’s easier than telling the truth and explaining yourself. Objections are simply a symptom of unresolved concerns. If you know how to resolve them and allow people to have their concerns and are able to have a dialogue about it you can probably gain twice as many sales. If you heard those objections as buying signals then you would get the sale. No you can’t discount the price, do your job! Your job is to communicate the value. It’s important to build a relationship and connection to the people you are selling to, it will help you recover. You don’t want to hear people talk about why they are not wanting to move forward because it’s scary and we don’t know what to say. Objections give you a chance to dig deeper. Stop making that mistake, move into hearing buying signals and knowing what to say when the conversation gets deeper, you will do so much better. It doesn’t feel good to make people buy something. It’s really about serving, you just need to know how to do it well.

(20:33Q: You teach people how to do high-ticket sales.. What defines high-ticket and what would you recommend to people so they can find those clients that are actually in a place to jump into a high-ticket offer?

A: Think of your highest price service or program, now double the number. If I told you that in a little while you are going to go out and ask someone to pay that for your service, what comes up for you? What you’re feeling is really normal. The mistake I see people make is just selling what we are comfortable with. In a lot of markets, if you’re selling to a person, individual or small business, $2000 is considered high-ticket because at that point people need to talk to a real person to make a purchase. That’s when having that sales conversation or strategy session that’s compelling, creating a sense of relationship or partnership and converts is so important. Most of us don’t want to sell high-ticket because it’s a little bit uncomfortable. The mistake is we start with a low-ticket offer because we say to ourselves “I’m gonna sell this thing at this price and once I’ve sold a couple and have a little social proof, I’m going to raise my price.” The problem is that when you do that, you end up getting referrals from people who want to pay that price too. Another thing that people will do is say I’m in this cash crunch right now so I’m gonna sell it for less. If you sell little bits and pieces of what you do, people think they know all of what you do. People who could have been your best referrers don’t understand the magnitude of awesomeness that you have. That is what we call false closure. You high-ticket offer is in you, you may just have not seen it yet. To attract the people that are willing to pay for your higher ticket offers. you have to develop a magnetism – ‘The Millionaire Sales Mindset’. It’s the magnetism of someone who knows they will be successful. It’s about knowing that no matter how much money you have in your bank account, this sale is going to make the biggest difference for your client and that is what is attractive. If you come in desperate for the sale, people will run. When you have a gift, talent or service that you know changes lives, you have to sell it or you don’t get the chance to change those people’s lives. You actually have to talk to people and share what you do in a compelling way that people understand and want to pay for it.

(42:44Q: What else goes into being able to raise your fees?

A: You can’t wait for it to feel right to raise your fees, it IS a stretch. Most people think eventually they will have the confidence to raise their fees – that is too slow. You can’t get confidence selling high-ticket by selling low-ticket. Sales is actually a learnable skill. Selling is not about overcoming, convincing or manipulating, it’s about serving at the highest level. Train, take action.. your mindset follows. You actually get the confidence and the ability after the action. You need a combination of you skills, mental attitude, and ability to see your value at a new price point. Make it happen for your business. You have to believe and embody your new numbers. Most people think the more you do, the more results you have, that is not the way results happen. Most people think what can I add or do to make it worth that much and to justify the new price point but it’s not a one- to-one ratio. You don’t want to look to adding more, you want to look to understanding and relating to your own value. You have to have an elevated sense of your own service’s value, you have to get it in your gut and you have to be able to communicate it to another person to get them to buy it.

Mistake #1: Hearing objections that aren’t actually objections!

Mistake #2: Selling the wrong things!

Mistake #3: Waiting for it to feel “right”



Your job is to communicate the value

Objections, “No’s”, and refund requests are simply a symptom of unresolved concerns that you need to investigate once you actually figure out why

If there is a product you are selling that you don’t have the ability to raise the price on, what else can you add to it that’s from you intrinsically that you can charge more for?

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