Are you ready to set boundaries in your biz?  If you’ve ever found yourself getting swept up into the overwhelm of building a business… I want you to know – you aren’t alone. AND… whether you are just starting out, or up-leveling and scaling, there is ONE word that will help you.

That word?


For yourself, for your clients, for your team, for your family.

It honestly been something that has been SUUUUUPER hard for me. And, I’m proud to say I get better and better at it every day! If you love what you do, it can be hard to remember that you are building this business for your LIFE not the other way around.

You may not know this, but it is one of the main reasons I hired Kelley almost two years ago!! Before she started running our course and client coaching calls, or building out bots, she was helping me get systems and boundaries in place so that I didn’t actually pass out due to exhaustion.

So I thought, HEY! Let’s bring Kelley on for YOU to get a taste of the magic our students and clients get!

She is our awesome rockstar from The Prepared Performer. Kelley has her Masters, you may not realize this, in health education. I brought her on today, to not only be the brilliant bot business rockstar that she is, and the coach that she is for all of our amazing clients, she’s also really a pretty dang awesome health expert. We’re going to talk about setting boundaries.

These strategies are FOUNDATIONAL if you want to build a business and a LIFE you love.

Here are five ways that you can set boundaries in your biz.

Schedule in YOU Time

We schedule our clients all day long. In a way, we are so much, victims to our calendar. And with that, forget to schedule in time for ourselves. Whether it’s your lunch time, it’s a potty break, it’s time to go get some more water, it’s five minutes between each call. It’s important in your calendar, that you reflect that you’re scheduling in time for you.

Listen to Your Core

So many times we are asked by people in our lives, whether it’s personal or business, to do things. Very often, we get those feelings inside like, “I don’t want to do it. Now, I’m irritated. I resent this person for asking me to do this thing, but we’re doing it anyway.” Usually your core is trying to tell you, that if it doesn’t feel right, if it’s something you don’t want to do, it’s probably because you’ve crossed your own personal boundaries.  So you need to learn to listen to that, and to say no when you have those feelings.

Stay In Your Lane

Very often, we want to do things over what those strengths and those part of our businesses are, because we want to be serving. We think that, that is part of serving our clients. Stay in your lane means, stay with those things that are part of your roles, things that you are supposed to be delivering with your business, things that you know are your strengths. If that is not part of your lane, figuring out how to refer them or just sometimes simply saying, “No.” Stop doing things that are not in your lane. It’s a suck of energy and focus.


MUSTer up means, start doing the things that you must do, to really feed into the vision that you have, whether it’s for your personal life or your business. There are so many needle moving activities, that you should be doing for your business, and those are the things you need to MUSTer up. If it’s something that you should be doing, is it something that you really don’t want to do, it’s not going to help you grow, then those are things that should stay off your list. You can learn to set the boundaries around those things. Figure out how to say, “No” or to delegate.

Find Your Peeps

You have to find your peeps. Those people that have the same vision and values as you do.  Most importantly, people that will help hold you accountable, to making sure that your health and wellness and setting boundaries stays on the forefront. People that you can talk to, when you say, Find the people that are like minded, that think like us. Those are the ones that we want to surround ourselves with, so that we can hold this vision for ourselves in all aspects of our lives. 

Set boundaries in your biz!  This will help you to be able to really make sure you’re focusing on your own health and wellness! We need to do this so that your business can grow, because you are thriving. And when you are able to be more of a real, actual human being, then you can talk to other human beings, and grow your business!

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