With many performing arts students graduating and and looking to join the ranks of other professional performers, Terry Dopson’s question about getting an agent after graduation is a great one! Let’s hear what Anthony has to say.

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Here’s Terry’s Question: Should a recent college graduate seek out an agent as soon as possible or should they build some professional credits before seeking representation?


This is going to be sort of a boring answer, but the truth is that it’s different for everyone. Every performer has his or her own path, and where representation fits into it is going to vary from case to case.

If you graduate from college and there’s a good, respected agent who’s eager to sign you, and you feel like you’re ready to compete as a professional, then it likely makes sense to sign. However, if no one offers to sign you, or you feel like you need time – either to improve as a performer, or to spend time in another area of your life, or for whatever reason – then you need to know that it’s okay if you don’t sign with someone right away.
Opportunities exist for unrepresented performers – and the pursuit of those opportunities, by submitting and auditioning on your own – are often very beneficial to your career. Expanding your skillset, your resume, and your network is all very important, and with each new show, you’ll do that, and you’ll learn something. Meanwhile, you’ll be taking classes and improving your performing skills. At some point, it will make sense to start looking for an agent (or, even better, you’ll have agents start looking for you!)
There will probably come a time in your career when it makes sense to align yourself with representation, but that time is different for everyone, and don’t feel any pressure to do it prematurely. Remember, we’re much more likely to respond to referrals than to cold submissions, so the more people you meet, and the more work you do, the more likely it is that someone will refer you to an agent, and that that agent will be excited to work with you.
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