Social Conversations That Convert Into Cash-SMS Text Marketing, Messenger Chatbots and More with Mobile Mary

The ability to have conversations with people literally ALL OVER THE WORLD has never been more possible! Which makes the ability to have Social Conversations That Convert Into Cash, even MORE possible!

Between messenger, and texting, and groups, and commenting, and email and…With awesome opportunity… it can be easy to get overwhelmed.

Luckily we have MOBILE MARY on our side! Mary Barnett! Mary is known as Mobile Mary because she has been an expert in the mobile marketing space for years!

This founder of the Social Experts Camp is going to show us how to turn social conversations into conversions and cash! I’m especially looking forward to talking to her about texting because we now have the ability to combine bots with text messaging and she is the QUEEN of text marketing!!


Here is Mary’s BRAVE method to help you show up and be seen!


B stands for:

Show up and be seen. You have to identify who’s life you really want to change and how you’re going to transform them.

R stands for:

For be real and authentic, because you have to decide not to be creepy, but to be a real human and actually have conversations with people that will actually turn into conversions, which means cash.

A stands for:

Take consistent action, right? You need to make a commitment to do what you do and show up regularly, so people can expect you, and they’ll want more of your goodness.

V stands for:

Provide value, right? You have to actually give what you promise, and do it so well that people cannot help but want to follow you, join your list, be a part of your world. Provide so much value they just don’t know what to do with themselves. They have to have more of you.

E stands for:

Engage and empower, because really rising tides lifts all boats. If you can engage with your customers as a human, really have a conversation, find out what their pain is and how you can solve it, how you can provide that transformation, and then empower them to rise up and be more successful, and you help them do that, you’ll have a raving fan for life.

Will you begin to use the BRAVE method? We certainly hope that these tips will help you have social conversations that convert into cash!


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