I know it’s easy to get overwhelmed by by all of the pieces and TIME that goes into long drawn out launch plans.

What if you could skip the CRAZY of a long launch plan and get major results in just an hour, by speaking on stages?

I’ve recently been connected with Stage to Scale with Pete Vargas III, who has MASTERED the art of booking speaking engagements and using those opportunities to massively grow your biz.

www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/sts will get you access to his One Hour Launch Framework!

Ok, now, you know that we are all about speaking on stages and at events – and I’ve been ALL OVER this year sharing value with audiences. But, up until now, this has not been a strategy that we’ve really shared with you!

I’m sooo ready to jump in with Pete and share ways you can use speaking to make a bigger impact and scale your biz!

Comment below with the word HOUR if you’d like to see his full 4 Part Video Series that walks you through his Stage to Scale System! So good!

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