Squirrel Syndrome!?

It's time I really open up and let you know about a condition that I've suffered from my entire life. It's caused me to get in to arguments with friends and family, to get lost while driving, to loose important items, to leave the milk out overnight, and to look at the clock and say… OMG! I GOT NOTHING DONE FOR THE PAST 3 HOURS!!! This syndrome that I suffer from might be something you are familiar with. You may have experienced it yourself, or maybe you've been on the other side wondering… “Um Hello! Let's finish what we are working on!” This syndrome is something that has it entrepreneurs all over the world. A few years ago, I discovered the secret to recognizing and controlling the main source of my discontent. This syndrome is called SQUIRREL SYNDROME! It may be disguised as a new opportunity, a desire to support a friend, or just a fun journey down a rabbit hole of cat videos… but there's only one explanation. Squirrel Syndrome is REAL. And, I've been there. I've been told I was crazy, not qualified, and “too much” more times than I can remember. AND, guess what, this year, we are on track to 5x our sales, we've 7x'd our community, and had an absolute blast. I'm on a mission to support other creative, passionate, excitable entrepreneurs to focus their awesome so that they take their business to the next level and make a powerful impact on the world! Join me for a powerful training where I'll give you the 3 keys to squashing the Squirrel Syndrome so that you can achieve your goals and make an impact on the world!

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  1. I’ll Pm you guys, here is my 20 minute call to learn how to Monetize Your Fan Page (use fb better to grow your business), here is the link. if you are interested.

  2. Kim Ferguson says:

    Awesome thanks Kimberly!

  3. What if you essentially have 3 businesses, how to prioritize?

  4. Kim Ferguson says:

    I’m with you Stacy!

  5. Got to run I’ll tune into replay to hear what I missed. Awesome call

  6. so totally heck yes…

  7. mmmmmmmm… travel… maybe I need to rethink my subgoals. lol

  8. Kim Ferguson says:

    You’re the best Molly!!!!

  9. Love it. Not easy but easier!

  10. Kim Ferguson says:

    You’re so real. It’s why I love you so much.

  11. Thanks! It is so much because of your help!

  12. what is this Lula Roe training you speak of? And would it be beneficial to any ds company?

  13. You were my squirrel today. 😂 I have to go get ready for a FB Live.

  14. Have a great day Molly off to LA!

  15. I love me some speedy recap, Molly.

  16. To empower Singles w/strategies that help them enjoy their single life

  17. I like to have 100 Singles in my group to present these strategies

  18. Mine speed bump is not knowing how to make FB Ads so my services will attract ideal clients

  19. I’ve already joined Todd

  20. I’d like to have your program on How To Make FB Ads

  21. 6 steps – let’s go 🤯 Goal 🥅

  22. I watched the second video today, it was amazing.

  23. Goal: To help 5 people make $1000 a month

  24. my email links worked

  25. bhag is to win the trip! so sub-goals is to promote… so I need to recruit, which means I need to ask people! Also I would like to have 6 parties/events a month and I need to ask everyone I meet if the are open to the business op or if they want to have a party!

  26. I will probably get in my own way, and make excuses for something else that I need to do instead

  27. Pamela Gort says:

    I am so squirrelly!!

  28. Pamela Gort says:

    Didn’t work on my iPhone

  29. Tammy Coin says:

    $2500/ month and more
    another cross country move

  30. Onea Covey says:

    Coach my team, create my brand, and do LIVE confidently.
    Have 5k followers on my lives

  31. Anonymous says:

    Double my monthly sales over the next 90 days

  32. Anonymous says:

    I would like to add a value live- I am just lost where to start for ideas and topics to make the content meaningful

  33. Anonymous says:

    Make your own you tube channel don’t put it on Facebook im new bye!!!!!!

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