Do any of these phrases sound familiar? “Poor actor… don’t quit your day job… crazy dream chaser… actor = waiter…” And of course, my (least) favorite: “starving artist.”


The Starving Artist

No matter how supportive your parents, no matter how many awesome acting and music coaches you have had in your life that wanted to lift you up, chances are you’ve still had some sort of run-in with the starving artist mentality. Or, as I call it the STARVING ARTIST SYNDROME.


It’s pervasive! It’s depicted in movies, web series and in music. There’s even a dating coach I know that tells women there are two kinds of men: Andy, the steady income-maker, and Bernardo, the starving artist.


Of course, Bernardo is a lot more fun to date in her analogy. But he’s not gonna bring home the bacon. She suggests that you find yourself a nice Andy.


Guys, I’m really done with performers (and artists) painting themselves into the starving artist corner. That’s why I started my course, Prepared Performer Profits, (which just finished it’s first kick booty round and will be opening again soon), to help people like you bust out of that ridiculous myth! So – let's dispel this myth. Cure the Syndrome!

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Why do we Let Ourselves “Starve”?

As an artist, your work is SO unbelievably valuable and often you don’t give yourself enough credit. If you need any proof that art still reigns in the minds and hearts of our fellow human beings, just look at all the hoopla coming up for the Oscars. Hellooooo!


Do you think that millions of dollars would be spent and an entire Oscar culture would have been created if we didn’t value the work of actors, writers, composers, costume designers, directors, etc.? No way!


Here’s the truth: people need art like they need air.[bctt tweet=”Here's the truth: People need art like they need air. #cure4sas #preparedperformer”] Music, film and live performance are consumed ravenously by people all over the world every single day… so why do we still refer to ourselves as “starving” when our services are clearly in high demand?


I hear artists casually refer to themselves as “starving” often. It’s a common joke or line of thinking among younger artists, especially when they’re right out of college.


“Let’s go to New York and be starving artists together!” they enthusiastically cry. And by the way, it can be sort of fun playing out the starving artist lifestyle… that is, until you fall in love and want to get married and start thinking about having kids. Or, you realize you really don't want to wait tables and worry about getting your shift covered so you can go to an audition. Or, the novelty of wearing a red unitard in times square and passing out flyers wears off. (Yes, I was once paid to wear a red unitard and pass out flyers in Times Square).


Once the novelty wears off – being a “starving artist” becomes a big ol' pain in the booty! AND, it prevents you from having the time to be able to get to the auditions and events you NEED to attend in order to advance your career.
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Shift into a New Way of Thinking

Dear fellow artist, the whole point of this blog post is to show you that being a starving artist is not your fate.
Being artistically expressed and sharing your unique view with the world does not mean that you have to live in a dirty apartment and eat Ramen until you die.
It also doesn’t mean that you have to quit performing in lieu of an office job.
And it also doesn’t mean that the only other option is to become a movie star!
You may be saying… Really Molly? Really?

Yes! Yes!

I know it because I live it.
I see my colleagues living it. There are many, many artists in the world right now who have full, nourishing artistic careers AND make a decent living. It has everything to do with shifting into a new way of thinking. Changing your mindset. And having the tools and systems to put that mindset into action.


If you are up for the change, join us in our free 7 Day Starving Artist Challenge. One of the first topics we'll cover is how to shift your mindset when you think about money. If you want to stop those voices in your head that tell you that you are struggling, you must replace them with positive affirmations! Catch yourself in thoughts that sound like, “I don’t have enough money!” And change that thought to one of these…


  • Money is flying in my direction!
  • I am intentional with my money.
  • Others love what I have to offer and love to pay me for it.
  • I have money so that I can play and spread joy and make the world a better place. (my favorite)

[bctt tweet=”I have money so that I can play and spread joy and make the world a better place. #cure4sas #preparedperformer #paidperformer”]



Now those thoughts feel a whole lot better, don’t they? Trust me, you do not have to starve – so let’s all stop acting like starvation is a requisite for being a creative professional!


  • It IS POSSIBLE to make money as an actor.
  • It IS POSSIBLE to make money as a singer.
  • It IS POSSIBLE to make money as a musician.
  • It IS POSSIBLE to make money as performer.




If you’re ready to let go of the starving artist mentality and take this work even deeper, I have something really special for you. I've started a super focused Facebook Group to teach you exactly how to make a real mindset shift and take decisive steps toward crafting a business that supports and nourishes your life as a performer. Click HERE to join us!


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