Stop Losing Leads with a Social Media CRM with Jenna Larson

You’ve grown your reach and engagement. Hooray! Now, you have a HOT MESS of leads that you can’t keep track of.  This was my number one issue with social media for YEARS until my dear friend (since we were 12) and client (for years) Jenna Larson and her business partner Nate, created the greatest social media CRM tool EVER: GroupTrack CRM.

Most people don’t need more leads… really. First – they just need to follow up with the people they are already connected to.

In this live stream, Jenna shared with us 4 strategies on how you can find leads on social media and how GroupTrack CRM can grow and scale your business.

Why You Need to Have a Strategy in Place

Before posting anything or reaching out to anyone, you need to actually have an intention, a plan, and a place to go find leads to bring them into the system. 

Imagine someone walks into your home and you’re like, “The bar’s over there. Go ahead and help yourself.”

Usually, we will end up getting water because we just feel weird about helping ourselves. We feel more comfortable if someone poured us a glass of wine. And not only pour you any kind of wine but a Chardonnay.

If you do this, the person is going to feel valued because you remembered their favorite wine. They trust you because you provided them with something very customized and unique to solve their problem.

Once they are ready to purchase, they’ll think about you. 

Find the Yellow Car

Now, what if you’re saying, “I don’t have any leads. I don’t have people to talk to.”

Let’s think about it in perspective. Jenna has this amazing analogy of a yellow car.

How often do you see a yellow car? Probably not a lot. But if someone tells you every time you find a yellow car, I’m going to give you $1 for each one you find. You’re going to see them all over the place!

Now, how do you find yellow cars? Do you sit on the highway and just hope to find a yellow car? 

No, we can go to yellow car parking lots! It is where there are groups of people that are your ideal client. They are literally sitting in communities, waiting for you to come in and solve their problems.

Get in Front of Other People’s Communities

A great example is this live stream! Jenna came in front of my community to talk about GroupTrack. We asked the viewers to comment, engage, and like the insights and strategies that she shared in this session.

After the live stream, she’ll keep track of those who expressed interest and move them along in the sales pipeline.

Leverage Your Friend’s List

If you’re still saying you don’t have leads, start with your friend’s list! If someone has sent me a friend request, I’ll say something like, “Thanks for connecting.  I’d love to learn about what you’re working on and see if we can support each other.”

Make sure you genuinely want to learn about them. This is where the intention comes in! They might not buy what you’re offering right now, but they might be able to introduce you to an important contact down the line.

GroupTrack makes all of these super easy because you can:

  • Add people to your list.
  • Track which stages they are in.
  • Create dynamic, randomized templates for commonly used chat messages.

Add Your Facebook Business Page Followers to the Pipeline

The people who like your Facebook page are considered to be the most “yellow” and are ready to honk! They’re the ones who told you that they like you. So, the first step is to put them in your pipeline and identify them as potential leads.

You can start with what you have. You don’t need thousands of followers!

Once you have the list of all the people who liked your page, you can:

  • Send them a friend request.
  • Ask questions about what they need.
  • Ask them to join your Facebook group where you offer more support.

Again, GroupTrack makes this all super easy and everything is tracked, so you’ll never lose a lead during this process.

Bring Leads to Your Group Where You Make Your Offer

Your Facebook Group is where all the magic happens. This is considered your online retail store. When they come into your community, you offer more resources, including your paid offers.

Make sure to ask strategic questions when people come into your group, so you’ll know exactly what to offer them and provide value.

GroupTrack saves all of their answers, so the data doesn’t disappear once you approve them!

Make sure to watch the full live stream, so you’ll be able to see how it works inside of GroupTrack.

Go Find Yellow Cars

By not tracking leads that come from social media, you’re losing out on a valuable opportunity to connect with potential customers. However, if you use the right tools and techniques, it’s easy to track leads that come from social media and convert them into paying customers. Now, it’s time for you to spot your yellow cars and get ready for them to honk their horns!

If you’d like support in growing your business with video and organic social, book a call with me! www.Molly.live/bookacall

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