How to Stop Saying UM

Do you have a case of the ummmmmmms?

I feel you! You have valuable content to bring to your audience, and then, you hit that dang “Go Live” button and BOOM! The UMS take over! In this video I share 5 simple effective ways to eliminate the ums! And, if you want to bring in a flood of qualified leads using this hot new live video tool, join me for our next Live Video Master Class.

Plan Your Content (1:23)

  • Use an aid to map out your content first
  • Plan it in bite sized chunks
  • Transitional moments between our thoughts are where we get caught up most

Speak To One Specific Person (2:56)

  • This is a helpful tool for when you are going live and when you are speaking on stage
  • When going live, look right into the camera and imagine that there is another human directly behind the camera
  • Imagine you are speaking to one singular person
  • Don’t get distracted by the comments
  • Stay focused on the one person you are speaking to

Create Your Own Slang (5:03)

  • Fun way to handle the tendency to say “um”
  • If you are really clear about your brand and the energy you are bringing to the camera, you can find creative ways to navigate through discomfort
  • Practice little phrases to say
  • Have a powerful positioning statement
  • Something you can count on that’s a phrase that you practice so that when you’re on camera you can reach for those standard phrases
  • Helps to be entertaining, fun, lighten the mood without stressing yourself out in a place of “um”

Go Live! (7:00)

  • Practicing is great!
  • When you practice on your own, it’s not the same as having the added pressure of people watching
  • Do it! Go Live!
  • The more that you go live and start speaking out loud and working through that tendency to say “um” the less you will start to say it

Review Your Recordings (13:13)

  • You will become aware that you are saying “um”, you will notice the places that you insert those “ums” more than others, you will start to get better at working through those little transitions

The more that you breathe before you go live and allow yourself to take a moment between your thoughts it not only allows your audience time to process what you are saying, but it helps you to know little bits of silence are actually ok. Be strategic with your tactics while you are communicating. We judge ourselves about saying “um”, therefore, the better we can get about eliminating it from our vocabulary, the more confident we will be about coming to the camera.


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  1. Seth Prezant says:

    You can speak to me…I’m listening.

  2. I did that a lot today…. 😐

  3. Farfen nuggen (new word)

  4. I never knew I said it until watching the replay. Ahh!!

  5. Lisa Monette says:

    I want to be as great as Molly!! ohh Yah!!

  6. same.. I just did a video and I said umh like 5 times – hated it!

  7. Seth Prezant says:

    True! The more I go live the better I get (and I still am horrible lol)

  8. Lisa Monette says:

    Also the word”like” is a little boring at times!

  9. Little bits of silence are okay? Life changing! My husband thanks you.

  10. Seth Prezant says:

    How are you able to place your logo in the upper part of your screen?

  11. Are you recording the master class? I’ll be in Scotland next Tuesday 😊

  12. Yes!!! Love the butterflys’

  13. Lisa Monette says:

    Finally I have official permission to be badass!! Love my slang!! And yours Molly!

  14. What do you replace Umm with?

  15. Lisa Monette says:

    OMG!!! I can’t do that! Ha

  16. Lisa Monette says:

    Seriously people!! Yayayayacjk

  17. Yes!! Love being prepared!

  18. Lisa Malone says:

    Hi Molly love your blouse and advice and your positive energy ❤️Let me in too please can I review after 5 since I work ft 5 days a week thank u 😘🎼🌹

  19. You have the abundant and a wee bit mischievous energy of a wee leprechaun. Love it!

  20. I’ll be in Scotland for 2 weeks…..

  21. Lisa Monette says:

    You give sooo much!!!

  22. Lisa Malone says:

    You are the best ♥️

  23. Love you beautiful!! Your programs rock!!!

  24. I committed the ummm sin today 😭😭😂

  25. Yes the transition is the hardest part

  26. Tracey Cox says:

    speak to one specific person

  27. Tracey Cox says:

    create your own slang???? what’s that????

  28. Tracey Cox says:

    Review and hear the connecting words…. and so… haha

  29. Amy Dushane says:

    Yes!!!! All the time!

  30. If Tracey wants in, then so do I!

  31. Ummmmm… you look so pretty!

  32. Kendra Lea says:

    Love your outfit Molly!

  33. Kendra Lea says:

    I used to say I’m, okay and like a lot the more I go live the less I do. So true!

  34. Kendra Lea says:

    I like to watch in the replay to see the hearts and likes so I see what resonates with others cause you can’t see smiles ☺

  35. Kendra Lea says:

    Breathing is so important! Yes!

  36. Love this ,your own slang

  37. Let me in :)…( I think I might already be registered!)

  38. Molly, hoping this will be recorded…I have a schedule conflict at that time on Tuesdays.

  39. Ummm love your haircut! You’re so amazing!

  40. On the phone, it just gets worse

  41. Lori Stovall says:

    Hand raised…Queen of the “Um” – would love to be on the master class. 🙂

  42. How do I register? I’m interested!

  43. I learned in school that when you feel like an um coming on say it silently! Then continue talking

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