Take Your Event or Gig Online: Coronavirus Online Business Asset and Resource Guide

With almost all events being canceled, it's never been more important to have an online presence and take your event or gig online.

From musicians, to speakers, to educators, to athletes, to service professionals… it's time to GET ONLINE, or literally be lost.

Having run an online business for 8 years, teaching 1000's how to show up on line, creating an online event seems like a no brainer for us.

However, I know this is an unknown territory for most business owners.

How do you actually transfer an in person experience to an online experience without losing focus, nuance, connections and results?

What if you could use VIDEO to show up from home and reach even more people than you can in person?

When I shifted my in person vocal coaching business to an online business 8 years ago, so many people thought I was crazy.

You'd better believe I'm SO GLAD I invested time, money, and brain power into building an online community, and platform with over 1000 paying students!

As these tools be come more affordable and easier to use… it is CRAZY possible to make this happen with the right systems and tools in place as long as you DECIDE and #showup!

In this training, I'll walk you through the systems and tools needed to take your offline events and connections online!

I LOVE in person events.

AND, you may be surprised by the increased reach, profit, and IMPACT you will see when you shift into the online space.

AND, right now… let's be real. It's necessary. Just in California alone, they are suggesting that we cancel all events with over 250 people.

What would it be like to host an online event for 1000 people!?

The possibilities are endless.

We've put together a full online business asset and resources list. Click here to view it now! 

And, if you are just getting started, here are your first best step.

  1. Be open to the possibility! (Read my favorite book… “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks
    1. If you don't believe it's possible… you will be right!
    2. If you DO believe it's possible… you will be right!
  2. Know YOU and the value you have to provide!
  3. Know exactly who you serve. Like, the real humans.
  4. Get a “list” ASAP. Email, text msg, bot – just start building it NOW.
  5. Show Up! Get your face on the camera! Click GO LIVE! Even if it's messy!

And, if you had an event that was canceled… Be.Live is offering 3 months of their standard pro account for FREE. Go here to get access.

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    Thanks very much Molly! You’re phenomenal!!! Love you!

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  6. how are you able to find the list of people who used the hashtag? does Be.Live keep that list or something?

  7. Thank you Molly and team!!

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    What about sell it first? I donated but it’s a different email

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    #nugget you can do it with just paypal and a fb page

  10. #nugget – you would be surprised who is ready to throw money at you – paylpal link FTW

  11. very scientific… its a scrollroll!

  12. If you purchase Sell It First ..send an email to

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  19. n you can get paid unemployment if you lose work because of this coronavirus

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    #nugget Pin paypal link to get donations

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    How do I get in on the BE.Live deal?

  22. #nugget I can sing online

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  24. Do you need the Advanced Version of Be.Live to do a dual live?

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  26. #nugget Facebook group paid is awesome idea!

  27. im a usiness coach. I want to help my tribe to use zoom or facebook but im learning as I go beyond the basics

  28. also work life balance to people who now have to work at home

  29. #nugget Facebook live lip sync for my daughter who is at Cornish college of th arts who is now figuing outhow to teach virtually

  30. #nugget bring on guest using BeLive so I can have guest experts

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    ONLINE! God Bless You Sis! <3

  33. #nugget There are people who will benefit from what you have to offer! Get out of people’s wallets! … We’ve got to keep living life as normal as possible!

  34. “May you each choose to create and enjoy an amazing day as you continue to make a positive difference in the lives you touch.” Molly said that it was trademark. Is that under Molly’s trademark???

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  41. I want to teach pet grooming and CrIcut projects for biz needs and pet wants.

  42. I can teach watercolor painting

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