You may remember this earlier post about the term Passaggio.

Well – this is such a hot topic in my voice lessons, I thought I’d bring it back.

The Passaggio or Vocal Break is something that causes grief for singers of all ages. You might not even realize that you have having issues because the song you are singing sits right in your Passaggio. When we have to sing through this part of our voice it can cause cracking, inconsistency and all kinds of issues. It often makes singers feel unstable and out of control.


In this video, you can learn more about what exactly the Passaggio is, and how to avoid the aches and pains of singing through that tricky spot.  [leadplayer_vid id=”52DE069AD397E”]

A word for the weary!! Strengthening this part of your voice takes TIME!! And, you’ve got to give your passaggio extra love if you want it to get better ; ). So – after you have done a gentle BEGINNING WARM UP, try this ADVANCED EXERCISE on for size. It can help you work through that sticky part.