If you’re a performance coach, you need to know about a recent change in our public school system that will make a huge difference in your bottom line.

A little background info: in case you somehow missed it, there was recently a major battle going on with the U.S. education system. In early 2015, President Obama pledged $240 million to boost academic emphasis on the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. This is known as the “STEM” system.

Notice anything missing from those four categories?

Proponents of the arts campaigned for “STEM” to be transformed into “STEAM,” which would effectively include the fine and performing arts in the system (you can read more about it HERE.

And finally, just last December 9, the arts were officially included as part of a child’s well-rounded education. The U.S. Senate passed the “Every Student Succeeds Act”, outlining guidelines for educational institutions around the country and specifically naming music education as something that should be part of every student’s schooling. (It’s a crazy long document but this is a screenshot of one of my favorite parts.)Steam vs Stem

Well, it’s about time!

Why Performance Coaches are Thriving

If you’re a performance coach, this means good news for you!

Of course, people like you and me have always known that musical education is absolutely critical to a child’s growth and development. I know as well as you do that the arts are equally as important as the “STEM” areas of focus, and in fact, “schools with music programs have an estimated 90.2% graduation rate [while schools without music education] average 72.9% graduation [rate].”1

And now the government has explicitly agreed with us!

However, the simple truth is that learning to play a recorder in a classroom with 45 other 2nd graders is not the same as one-on-one, individualized musical coaching. Parents know that. And that’s exactly why, if you’ve been considering growing your private studio or starting your own business in this field, the time is now!

Put Your Business Ideas into Motion

Now is the perfect time to get started. Your skills as a performance coach are not only valuable, but they’re very much in demand.

With this wonderful demand for your performance skills, you are perfectly primed to create a job for yourself that…

  • Supports your passion for the arts…
  • Allows you the flexibility to pursue your career as a performer…
  • Ensures that you are paid to do what you love…
  • And is rooted in the core values of inspiring and helping others.

Dear performance coach (or performer who has ever thought about becoming a performance coach, please don’t hesitate to take action and put yourself out there. There are countless parents and students in your neighborhood who need your expertise… but they cannot find you if you don’t help them!

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1Source: www.DoSomething.org