What is the Art of CONNECT WORKING!?

Well, we all know that making key connections in your life can lead to growth your business and your sales.

If you were to look back, you would be able to think of that one connection that has been like the starting domino, leading to moment after moment that lead to an achievement and a goal.

Here is the bummer- most people don’t know how to start creating connections without feeling like a salesy weirdo.

That’s where my friend Lou Diamond of Thrive LOUD comes in! He has taught the art of making great connections all over the world.

Here he will be discussing the key to the Art of CONNECT WORKING! Lou’s approach to establishing and maintaining connections is practical, easy to implement and has a history of success. Ready to have an awesome 2020??

It all starts with your V.O.I.C.E.


V-Vision O-Opportunity I-Identity  C- Charisma E- Energy

Molly Mahoney: So let’s jump in to this V.O.I.C.E. framework. The V is for?

Lou Diamond: Vision! Mapping out your game plan for all the ways that you’re going to connect work within the year.

Molly Mahoney:  I love that! It’s so incredibly helpful to have a vision for your goals!  After you have your vision you need to??

Lou Diamond: Opportunity. Create and look for opportunities that will help you really accomplish your vision. Opportunities, that are going to actually help you to connect, whether online or in person. Where you’re going to spend the time to grow your network through strong, powerful connections.

Molly Mahoney:  Creating opportunities! I love it, I love it!  Moving onto the I, which is for?

Lou Diamond: Your Identity, specifically at a particular event. You have to decide if you are a buyer or a seller. At a specific networking event, you have to be one or the other. You can’t be both, it’s too confusing.

  • Buyers are those that are taking in stuff. Whether you’re looking to take in information, knowledge, or you’re looking to recruit people, that’s where you’re a buyer.
  • Sellers are obviously those there to promote services and offerings to people.

If you try to overlap those things in a single connect working session it confuses people and prevents them from wanting to connect. It is possible to do both at a multiple day session, be a buyer and a seller, but for the most part pick your hat that you wear that day and that’s the identity you own for that connect working event.

Molly Mahoney: I think that’s one of my favorite tips from all of this, so I love it so much. All right. We are moving onto the C and the E which are things that we love here at The Prepared Performer.

Lou Diamond: The C and the E  are for charisma and energy. Which one could rename the Molly Mahoney- lol!  Obviously, nobody wants to connect with the dud. When you go to CONNECT WORK with people, you want to have people that have a little bit of a vibe and actually own their genuine persona and their personality that comes out of you. So you have to have your charisma, you have to bring your A game. You’ve also have to have an energy within your charisma and personality. People are drawn to energy.

That’s it! Be excited about all the possibilities to meet people, because connecting with someone is going to grow your world!  If you bring that voice together, your V.O.I.C.E, for every connection and event, and you have a strong game plan laid out, you will increase the likelihood of making strong, powerful connections each time you need to CONNECT WORK with other people.

Molly Mahoney: I love it so much and keep in mind, that this is a skill set that can be learned. You may see people like Lou or myself, who walk into a room and they just know how to have the confidence to talk to people. Trust me, that is a skillset.

Lou Diamond: You have to work on it every day, it’s like a workout.

Molly Mahoney:  EXACTLY!

There ya have it. The Art of CONNECT WORKING with your V.O.I.C.E. want more of what Lou has to give?  Check him out at Thriveloud.com ( don’t forget to grab your copy of Master the Art of Connecting),  follow @thriveloud on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and you can also listen to the ThriveLOUD podcast. We were just featured on his 12/19/19 episode! (Check out that episode here!)


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