You may have noticed there have not been any posts this week on the blog… Well, here’s why!


Charlie 1 Week.jpg

Last Sunday, at 12:12 am our newest cast member joined our company! Charleston James Dominguez made his first entrance weighing in at 7lb 11oz and 21 inches long. He’s been a total cuddle bug and his big brother is being a super star helper around the house. Here’s a few highlights from the week…

We had a little change of plans had to move rooms. Super Dad was on the move!  **Notice the prepared performer “I can’t I Have Rehearsal” tote bag ; )

Super Dad

Charleston was born at 12:12, which we thought was super cool, cause his brother was born on 11/11/11.

Charlie's First photo


My ankles were killing me… so I thought a little Babywearing Ballet was in order.

Ballet Baby


Frankster was such a helpful big brother.

Frankie Decorating

He’s almost ready for his first audition for Newsies!

Baby Newsboy Hat

He’s a little squish, with loads to take in through his new squishy face. We are so happy to be here to help guide this guy along the way.

Charleston 1 week

1 week photo shoot

“It’s a great big world, and a great big love for you.” – David Wilcox

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PS – We had a few complications during delivery which caused me to loose quite a bit of blood. All is on the mend, but I’m dealing with anemia that might last a little while. So, if things are a little sporadic here, know I’ll be back to full steam ASAP.

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