This strategy… that sooo many “Live Video Experts” teach… is messing up your reach and engagement! #minirant

Let’s say… you want to bring in more leads.

AND… let’s saaaay you want to make more sales.

AND… let’s saaaaaaaay you think Facebook Live would be a good way to do that.

AND… let’s SAAAAYYY you want to feel totally confident in doing so. Like, you get crazy butterflies or you want to don’t what to talk about.

SOME PEOPLE will say it’s a good idea to do a 30 Day Facebook Live Challenge.

Like, A LOT of people. Almost every “live video expert” that I know suggests that you do this.

I’m here to tell you NO! DON’T DO IT!

Here’s what will happen.

You probably will start to feel more confident by the time it is done… but… you’ll also probably push all of your potential leads/clients away because they’ll be like… wait – she’s not really ready to do this and I don’t know what she’s talking about and she’s not really grabbing my attention.


I’m sorry to say it. But, it’s most likely true!

I say this, because I care about you and I want you to feel prepared. I’m obsessed with action and “just do it” but only if you have the right foundation in place.

I don’t want you to leap without a parachute!

AND – I’m going give you the foundation in a Free 5 Day Challenge, starting on Feb. 11th!


You’ll gain the confidence to go live knowing you are set up to connect powerfully and welcome in leads and sales.

PLUS – you’ll have the chance to win over 30k in prizes! Uhhh – yes – that’s right!