Too Many Messages?

Shhhhh! I'm sneaking in some work from an Italian restaurnat! I've had loads of people ask me how to handle the message influx when you start using Bots. We have a super stealth system! Want to get in on a crazy amazing 1/2 price deal for our first ever BOT CREATION BOOTCAMP!? It's not too late! See you there!

[01:41] How to easily follow up with people who send you private messages on FB

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  1. Hi!! I just dealt with this

  2. Rick Aslin says:

    You are simply the best 💕🙌🏻🎤

  3. Rick Aslin says:

    You are simply the best

  4. Brandi Mark says:

    You’re not supposed to be working!!!

  5. I am sooooo excited for tomorrow! I’ve had some wonky things happen with my boys today

  6. Can’t wait for bot camp, woot woot!

  7. Darn. If I knew you were live then, I would have sent you a message. lol

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