Did you know that there are tools and systems that help you automate, organize, and take a break

I get asked about my favorite tools and systems for automation… all the time! Automation and systems are amazing, but I don't think I really understood how important these tools and systems are… until now. Taking a few weeks away to be with family was something that I'm so grateful for, and it also freaked me out. Like… I had crazy pangs of anxiety. I was worried clients would be mad. I was worried our biz systems would crash. The biggest lesson… Not only were there no issues, things were great while I was gone! What does that mean? Well, 1st of all… Our team is AMAZING! Also, our clients are amazing.


We actually have systems and tools that WORK.

Tools and systems that help you automate, organize, and take a break

When it comes to building a business online, the whole point is to be able to have more freedom, right, to be able to make a bigger impact without working yourself to the bone. Your business can still grow while you are able to focus on your family, to take a vacation, to go take a sabbatical. I don't know, you can have more time for your actual life. All right, we're going to start off. We actually have 10 tools that we'll be sharing today. We have loads of tools and systems that we use in order to make this happen, and today I am going to share my top 10 with you.

This video included here is a speedy recap, we go live every week, and the actual link for this full video is mollstars.tips/tools.

Communication and Organization

#1 Google Docs

 I know it seems basic, but it's so good, and my favorite thing about Google Docs is that we use a content planning spreadsheet that our whole team has access to. Everything that's happening content-wise, coaching wise for our programs, our group coaching programs, it's all inside this one spreadsheet. It's actually pretty dope, so make sure you check out the full video because you'll love it.

#2 Slack

For communication, which is super important, we use Slack.  We have different Slack channels for our team and for our clients so that everything stays segmented. Slack can sometimes get a bit crazy with messages coming in all at once, BUT if you really learn how to use it and organize everything BEFORE you share it with your team, it is incredible.

#3 Asana

We also use Asana for all of our task management.  Elizabeth, our amazing keeper of sanity, maps out everyone's tasks in Asana and then helps us to stay on track to make sure we don't get behind. If you have a family emergency or you take a break, the tasks and how to do them, are right there and they can easily be assigned to other people or you can change when they're due so that you're able to actually take that time.

#4 Set a schedule

This one seems kind of silly, but I'm telling you it is important. Set a dang schedule, and not any schedule, one that has some sort of rhythm to it. We always open up Camera Confidence before our GLAM program, and we open GLAM once a month. It also helps us plan out our  our promotions and content sharing, so we can focus on providing value. Set a schedule for your marketing and product delivery as well. Not only will it allow youth be less crazy, your clients will begin to expect things, they will set their own schedules, look for emails etc, if things are consistent.

#5 Create a Template

Once you're delivering awesome stuff, you NEED to start creating templates. When people begin to ask questions, which are often the SAME question over and over again, or  when you create a system or list, put it together in a template. This will help YOU and your Team stay organized, and allow you to pass on information and content quickly and efficiently. You can pull up the template while doing a video, or while doing a live presentation.  Super Helpful!

Content Creation

#6 Pic Monkey/Relay That/Picsart/Wave & Screenflow

When it comes to actually creating content, we love the following tools:  Pic Monkey & Relay That, we use for photo editing, and creating graphics on the computer.  Picsart, I use for creation on my phone.  We also use Wave Video and we use Screenflow, for creating easy videos. All of which we use for re-purposing which is next!

Repurposing/Sharing Content

#7 Repurpose

Once you've got the stuff going, oh my gosh, using a tool called Repurpose will change your life. It takes your videos from Facebook, either live or prerecorded, and it allows you to edit, upload, crop, add captions, and then automatically publish them on other places. You can convert it into an audio file automatically. It is seriously bananas. (I believe I was user number three with this tool. I know Hani as a human, as a friend, the creator, and it is so dope, so use it.)  We use this religiously in our business. www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/rp

#8 Simple Social Press

Simple Social Press will take your videos from Facebook, automatically embed the Facebook live video into a blog post automatically, and the comments from your Facebook live video are automatically added as comments below the video. It is bananas, seriously bananas. www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/ssp

#9 Many Chat

Oh my gosh, we LOOOVE Many Chat It's a messenger bot tool that allows you to do so much in the world of communicating with human beings, AND having this ability while you are away. This allows you to be able to keep a conversation going with your community.  It is invaluable. It is stupidly affordable. You can even get a free account. Use ManyChat. I can't say enough about how awesome this is. www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/manychat

#10 Google Calendars

The final thing I will share is shared Google calendars. We use shared Google calendars in a couple of ways. We have an internal team calendars, and each team member can join in and be a member of a specific event. Then, we also have calendars where we can create a link and share that link with members of our community. Then they get an actual update on their Google calendar when we update things on our side.

#11 BONUS Be.Live

One of my absolute favorite tools, which I didn't initially add to this list because I talk about it all the time, but I want to at least mention is Be.Live. The video included in this post was created with Be.Live. It's editing, and publishing capabilities are bonkers. It's so cool,  we love it, love it, love it around here. www.ThePreparedPerformer.com/belive


There ya have it! Those are my top 10 ( actually 11) tools and systems that help you automate, organize, and take a break If you enjoyed this list of tools, let us know, because these are only probably half or maybe even less than half. These tools have truly allowed us to generate over a $1 million in collected revenue, which is crazy bananas. They have also allowed us to help other people just like you to do the same, which is even more important. We love nothing more than helping you to create content like this, show up being who you are authentically in a way that attracts people who make a bigger impact because of what you're doing, and they get inspired to throw credit cards at your face.

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