Tools That Write Content for You


Ever get burned out on the time it takes to create content to market your biz? I recently discovered tools that actually write content for you. Like – actually, not just templates. You know as a biz owner that content creation is one of the most important things for sales and building your community. Make sure to check out our posts on creating engaging content and re-purposing

With a series of trigger prompts, this new magic will find best performing hashtags, emojis, words, images, videos, and more. Plus it connects to your current social platforms and blog dashboards. 

Today I am going to show you what is possible with these tools that write content for you, as soon as I stop doing cartwheels because I’m so excited about it. I showed my husband this first tool and he was literally jumping up and down screaming ‘cause it is so awesome. AND… if you know him… he doesn’t usually get that excited about content creation tools. LOL. 


Preamble to the Tools

I have to begin by saying, these tools are not to eliminate copywriters. There will always be a need for humans who have higher-level capabilities than some of these tools, but even copywriters want to be able to speed things up sometimes and can take advantage of these tools.

Our community member Andrya has a tool Vox Verba where you can submit testimonials or reviews for your business, and she will write a full brand guide for your business based on the language of your community. You can then use the language to help you write copy. It was such a cool process to go through, and I highly recommend it.



Tool #1: Hellowoofy

This tool inspired this entire video! I met someone on Clubhouse, and every time I heard him talking about this tool, I thought it sounded so awesome. I booked a demo call with him before meeting up with our COVID pod, and my husband was jumping up and down while watching this tool come to life. Hellowoofy is so stupidly affordable. Right now, it’s either $49 or $69 for the year. 

This is a social media post scheduling tool. But what’s different about this one is if you share a link or an image or a quote image, it will pull all the information out of that link or image or quote and write the post for you. It also has AI capabilities and these amazing emoji and hashtag databases. 

I waited to show you guys this tool because I wanted to make sure I had time to learn how to use it to its full capabilities. While I haven’t had that kind of time yet, I have spent some time with it. So this is just a skim of the surface of what this tool can do for you.


Let’s Break it down! 

When you log into Hellowoofy, you will first see this full dashboard. Their brand colors almost match mine perfectly, which is a fun bonus. I am going to show you how to create actual posts within their system because you can also use this system to search for and schedule content. 

I am going to use a blog post link from Social Media Examiner, as my example. 

( Make sure to watch the video for more detail and to watch me do this is real time! )

  1. Add the link into the post creation tool. What it does is it scans the blog post and searches for different quotes within the post. 
  2. You then cycle through the quotes to pick the one you want. 
  3. At the top hit Add to Post from the quote section. 
  4. Add a title for the post, and as you type, it fills in what it thinks will be the next word you want, kind of like the suggestion tool that Gmail has.
  5. If you scroll to the bottom of the post creation tool, at the bottom, it automatically generates hashtags from what you have written and from the article link I included. If there is a word that has emojis related to it, if you double click the word, the system will suggest relevant emojis for you to add, and if you click on an emoji, it will replace the word with that emoji. 



There is also a component within the post creation tool that allows you to search for photos and videos to add within your post. All of the photos are royalty-free, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

If you paste a link to an article that has an image in it, it will bring that photo into the photo section. If you click the text bubble on the image, any text within an image will be brought into the post as well straight from the image. So cool! 



There is also a Discover section, which allows you to search for different content that you can pull into a blog post. There is also a Journal section that allows you to create a blog post, utilizing all of the same capabilities as other sections of the website. You can also launch an Alexa Skill from inside this tool. 


Credit where Credit is due

If you are sharing someone else’s content, you definitely need to credit them. Any quotes you use, put them in quotes and attribute them accordingly. If you are sharing someone else’s image or video, ask them for permission first in order to avoid getting in trouble.



For accessibility purposes, they also have the ability to turn a tool on for colorblindness, so colors aren’t needed to choose certain settings. You can also speak into it, and it will create things based on what you are saying. 



Tool #2: Wordtune

I use this particular tool every single day. When we have little responses inside of ManyChat, if you copy and paste those and send them again and again, you can get in trouble with Facebook because Facebook will see you as a bot. So this tool is going to change your life. It’s called Wordtune. It’s $119 for the year, or there is a free version if you don’t want to pay.

We have a video description template that we use to create descriptions for our videos. Once we create our description, we send it in an email, a text, social media posts, etc. You want to adjust it slightly in order not to spam people with the same content over and over again and be accused of being a bot. With Wordtune, you can pull your copy, and it will help you rewrite it slightly. Please do not use this to rip off other people’s copy… 

When I was doing that response thing with ManyChat, I created a message, “Yay! Check your inbox. I sent you a message.” You highlight the sentence, and the Wordtune tool pops up (it’s like a plug-in for your browser). Wordtune will suggest a myriad of slightly different versions of the same sentiment for you to use. 

You can pull testimonials or pain points from your community and use the tool to rewrite them that makes them feel more fresh or more or less formal or more in line with your voice. 



Tool #3: All Done Social

What if you could auto-generate posts for Instagram, Facebook, and more based on the actual actions you want people to take after they experience reading your content? This tool All Done Social was created by my friend Bushra, and it can help you do all that. When creating posts using the templates on All Done Social, you can use Wordtune to help you with the copy, and you can use Hellowoofy to help you add in some fun images, emojis, or hashtags as well as schedule the content. The purpose of this is to help show you new tools as well as show you how to use them all together to boost their effectiveness.

The templates include Boost Engagement, Build Brand Likeability, Establish Authority Positioning, and Create Unignorable Polarity


Boost Engagement

  • First, the template will ask you some questions about yourself and provide you some examples of how the answers should look. The questions have to do with whether you’re a morning person or night owl; what your personal style is; the type of vacation you enjoy; how you spend your weekends; and what type of food you enjoy. It takes all of these answers and creates copy for you as well as image recommendations to accompany the post copy. 


Establish Authority 

  • Let’s play with the Establish Authority (Get Them Signed Up) template. The questions here include something you want people to sign up for; the objective of that thing they’re signing up for; the link to sign up; the types of people you work with; what you help them with; how your typical day unfolds; and one piece of advice you were given but chose to ignore. If you like the post, you can copy it to your clipboard. If you don’t like the post, you can click, “Meh, show me more options!” and it will generate new copy for you.
  • Once you have copied the post into your clipboard, you can paste it into a document. If you want to be careful and really use your own words, you can select some of the text and make it more formal using Wordtune. You can also use the image recommendations included within the post copy to search within Hellowoofy for the perfect image. 



Tool #4: 60 Second Copy Generator

What if you want to write a whole sales page? What if you want to write your guarantee? Your promo copy? Your pitch offer? This incredible tool, the 60 Second Copy Generator, is also from Bushra. 

Something I haven’t talked about yet is that we will be launching a new program that is a bridge between Camera Confidence and GLAM. It’s for people who hit at least $5k a month and will help you solidify your offer in order to make your first high-ticket sale. Thus, tools like this have been crucial in helping us work out our copy. 

Once you visit the tool, there is a form that you can fill out with questions and examples for how you should answer them for different types of copy, including; guarantees, sales page openers, flash sales, Who Am I, Us vs Them, a full webinar campaign, and more.

For the Flash Sale template, the input form includes the discount, how long the sale will run, when it ends, the offer for the sale, how much you’re charging, one quantifiable benefit they get from their investment (which forces you to get your shiz together), and the link to the offer page. This tool generates copy for the purpose of engagement, so it actually makes your reach go up. Just like the last tool, you can copy it to your clipboard if you like it or ask the tool to generate more copy if you don’t like it. 

Think about how long it would take you to write this copy yourself or how much money it would cost for you to hire a copywriter to do this. While this tool is usually part of a bigger package, I have convinced Bushra to sell it separately for monthly payments of $97. You could get it for a month and use it and then realize you need to pay for it for the rest of your life. Or just use it during the time of your launch and then cancel your membership. But I recommend you pay for it forever because you WILL keep using it again and again.



Tool #5: Clipboard History Pro

Remember when you have copied links and then they disappear, and you lost the original link? This is no longer an issue with Clipboard History Pro! This tool will save all of the links you copy to the clipboard in one easily accessible pop-up within your browser. I REPEAT:This tool will save all of the links you copy to the clipboard in one easily accessible pop-up within your browser. 

There is a free version of this tool that works super well; I personally upgraded to the pro version for a few reasons, including connecting your laptop to your phone. You no longer have to text yourself with information! Game Changer!! 

We are so excited to be able to have shared with you these incredible tools that write content for you! Especially those created by our own community! We hope that these will help you continue to grow your community and make things just a pinch easier!  Remember to watch the entire video included with this post to watch the magic happening in real time. Don’t forget you can catch all these videos live, sign up for the reminders HERE!


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