Top Tips and Trends: Social Media Marketing World Recap!


Top Tips and Trends: Social Media Marketing World Recap! Holy smokes, what a week at #smmw17! I've taken the best takeaways and put them into one big ol' video  so that you can market like it's AT LEAST 2017! Things are changing and it's time to move with the cheese! As usual, I'm loving the platform on this vid! Scroll below these show notes to check it out.

Big shout out's to the following Social Media Rockstars mentioned in this video – Social Media Marketing World, Social Media Examiner, Mari Smith, Her Smart Marketing, Ashley Ryan, Bruce W. Spurr, Pia Cohn Larson, Claire Winslow, Ian Anderson Gray, Phil Mershon, Amy Schmittauer, Steve Dotto, Anne Popolizio, Kelly Nobel M. Leonard Patton, Natchi Lazarus, Switcher Studio, Christopher Penn, Andy Falco-Jimenez, Roberto Blake, Chalene Johnson, Sue B. Zimmerman, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

Oooo – and extra shout out to iOgrapher who I FORGOT to mention in this video Gah!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the new goodies that are on their way! Dave B. is a video tech master!!!

Here's a quick bullet pointed list of everything I covered in this video!

(5:10) “It is time to rethink everything!” – Mari Smith

(5:52) “Internet marketing is numbers based. Social Media Marketing is heart based. You have to merge the two!” – Mari Smith

(6:02) It’s super important to have the data and the analytics but with social media you can’t just be numbers based

(6:39) “If you do something with a template today, a machine will do it without you tomorrow.” – Christopher Penn

(7:40) You have to know exactly who you are so you can weave that into templates that have worked in the past.. You can’t just use a template, tweak it

(8:13) “Alogorithms are a nightmare for marketers – There is one thing that cracks the code when it comes to Facebook specifically.. that is Facebook Live” – Michael Stelzner

(9:44) Make sure you are using Facebook Live specifically

(10:12) “There is a window when new social media platforms come on the scene for you to jump in and become an expert – the Facebook Live window is still open” – Chalene Johnson

(10:52) “When a new social media platform comes out (e.g. Facebook Live) a lot of people who have previously been experts in another platform switch to that new platform, that actually opens up space to become an expert in an older platform (e.g. Twitter)” – Michael Stelzner

(12:05) This is really great for people who want to be speakers because you can really jump in on one of these windows and master one of these platforms

(12:26) If you want to book speaking gigs or you want to be known as an authority in your space, an amazing way is to master one of these new tools even if you’re not necessarily a “Social Media Marketer”

(30:10) The other tool that is on the rise and was all the rage at Social Media Marketing World is Facebook Messenger


  • You can use it as a great lead generation tool in addition to your email service provider to have another touch-point with your audience
  • It’s important to get your audience from Facebook off of Facebook and onto your email list, mailing list, etc.
  • Offer value in exchange for an email address or phone number so you don’t lose your contacts
  • There are 1 billion people who use Facebook Messenger
  • 4 million people use Facebook Messenger’s audio and video calling features each month
  • There is really no use for a logo anymore, the thing that works better than a logo is your actual face
  • Send a video in messenger and build an actual connection
  • You can make messenger really personalized and have a conversation
  • Messenger Day: you can send a picture or video to your story or “day” and it will show up on the top of everyone’s messenger and you can send it privately or to your contacts on messenger
  •  You can add instant reactions (likes, smileys, etc.) on messenger
  • There are a million ways to use messenger!
  • Bots: if someone sends you a certain message you can set it up so you can send a certain response automatically
  • You can set up a cartoon video that pops up with your voice and will respond with the correct message
  • You can take a video or post that you’ve done, select it, set it up with your mini chat bot and it will automatically send people once they reply with the corresponding key word
  • There are 30,000 bots
  • 254 GIFs per second
  • Everyone has a scannable code on Messenger – possibility of sales in the future


(Ahem… have you heard me say that before ; )  )

(27:58) If you’re providing value and using Facebook Live, it’s a way to “trick” the algorithm.

(28:06) Facebook Live is really working to be the front-runner everywhere in live video

(29:02) It’s all about having a real connection, providing mega value, then using these ‘ninja tricks’ to get it to do the automated follow up for you so you can really connect with people

(29:41) There are already live streaming in stream “click to purchase” options happening e.g.

(32:59) This is reality! Market in the world we are living in and be in the forefront of it.


(35:32) “Social Media is not just an impression builder, it is a part of the process” – Molly (@Mollstarr)

(35:40) We can’t just rely on social media, we have to have other things in place (e.g. awesome websites, email marketing, going to events, picking up the phone)

(37:13) The more value you can provide, the more that you can celebrate your biz and your clients via Facebook Live, the more connections you will make that will transfer into real life

(37:39) “Lukewarm content will never engage with anyone. Don't be lukewarm content creators.” – Brian Clark

(38:07) Find your ‘Quesadilla of Awesome’

(39:40) Check out the ‘Switcher Go’ free app and the Switcher Studios Pro App

(41:02) “When you shine light on others, the light shines on you” – Sue B. Zimmerman

Holy smokes – that was a lot!! Ha! What an awesome experience it was to be involved with SMMW this year, and to consume as much content as possible. I'm so happy to be able to share it with you. So, go put it to use! Connect with other people, be your true authentic self, be brave, step into your spotlight, be real and celebrate others.

When you shine your light on other people, the light shines back on you 🙂


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