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Top Vocal Coaches!

It's my birthday, so I have a special gift for you!!

I've reached out to 12 of the best vocal coaches and asked for their top tips!

These vocal coaches were super gracious in sharing their BEST advice. I'm actually blown away by the goodness in this download. The tips range from actual singing technique, so performance tips, to vocal health.


If you want to be a better singer. If you are looking for new ideas and a new challenge as a vocalist. If you are looking to find more strength, support and clarity in your singing voice – this is for you!

Click here to download TOP TIPS FROM TOP VOCAL COACHES

(We'll throw in a few more goodies for you too!)

The coaches who contributed to this download are…
Adrienne Osborn

Andrew Byrne

Angela Durrant

Donna Flynn

Elisa James

Ella Glasgow

Erin Roberts-Hall

Kevin Michael Jones

Laurel Mehaffey

Michelle Hernandez

Molly Mahoney

Nicki Shira Byrne

Teri Danz

Molly Mahoney Shimmer and Shine