The Ultimate Organic Social Selling Guide, a Step-By-Step Roadmap To Hitting Consistent $10k+ Months with NO Fancy Funnels, Complicated Ads, or Selling Your Soul to Social Media Platforms… (AND without having to take a single SALES CALL)

How savvy entrepreneurs and business owners are doubling their impact (and bottom line) without guru-marketing or high pressure sales tactics… and having way more fun doing so.

Hi there!

You are about to dive into something I’ve been thinking about putting together for years… 

For reals… I even wrote our full system all out into a full-on BOOK in 2017 and then never shared it with anyone. LOL 

You are in luck because this guide is YEARS of testing and tweaking and creating the perfect blend of strategy and fun.  

This guide is intended to give you a step-by-step path to hitting predictable 10k months (duh… you read the title) and will also help you scale to multiple 6 and 7 figures using Organic Social Media strategies.

My hope is that you’ll read this, love it, and find a way to add these strategies into your coaching, consulting, or agency.

Because they actually work! 

Even if you only implement one nugget from these 40+ pages… you will see an improvement. My other hope is that you’ll be interested in getting support from me and my team.

You can learn more about all the ways I support our clients at www.MollyMahoney.com and… as you go through this document I’ll give you specific examples of ways you can turn on the accelerator in your business. 

My only request is that you actually give yourself the gift of TIME to read this. Don’t let it sit on the dusty “free gift” shelf.

This is your future, your business, your LIFE. Let’s make magic happen!


Molly Mahoney   

NOTE: Before we get started… I want you to take a look at this screenshot below I recently received from a client. It perfectly sums up why I’m writing this article. 

She landed a $10k client… and she did it primarily using Facebook Messenger. 

By the end of reading this article, I’m going to share how YOU can use this same strategy in your own business. 

I teach it every day inside my mastermind

Yes… I might as well say it. I secretly hope you LOVE this post and click this link to consider working with us. But you kind of already knew that… right ?????

See… if you’re anything like my client above, you have a message that the world needs to hear… but getting that message to your audience can seem complex and overwhelming. 

There’s so many options… and EVERYONE is supposedly an “expert” at helping you grow your business. This leads to overthinking and a lack of activity in your business. And without STRATEGIC ACTION, your message doesn’t reach the people who need it most ????. 

Have no fear, I’m here to help :).

I’m here to help you turn your message into a revenue generating movement. I know with all my heart that the secret to your success is unlocking your inner awesomeness and elevating it, so you can share it with the world and make a real difference in people’s lives.

Over the past 9 years of helping entrepreneurs get more sales with less effort we’ve discovered that the “guru-marketing methods” are complicated and overwhelming. 

That’s why we created a complete end-to-end operating system, helping you simplify the overwhelm, and allowing you to make sales – simply by being the authentic and amazing you!

You’ll read all about the whole system in this guide… and if at any point you want my personal help using this framework and landing high-ticket clients with ease, just click here to learn more about our mastermind

If you do decide to explore our mastermind, you’ll be surrounded with rockstars like these…

Now That You Know Why I’m Sharing This Goodness… Take a Deep Breath, Hold Onto Your Hats and Glasses, Let’s Go!

Let’s face it, you didn’t decide to be an entrepreneur so you could “work more” or “work harder.”

What you’ve been told again and again, is that you need to follow a one-size-fits-all “Guru” approach. The problem is…


If you have been poking around in this entrepreneurial space for any length of time, you’ve probably started to see that most business owners are using the same templates and frameworks.

Going down that path is super frustrating, time consuming and is hitting your bank balance hard. Because… you blend into the sea of sameness and sadly, you end up spending so much time “efforting the work” on the wrong things.

We have had clients who come to us because they are…

  • Feeling burnt out by the way they are creating content, and the way they are delivering their product
  • Tired of being in programs where they get lost in the shuffle, and feeling like no one seems to really care about them.
  • Caught inside the one-size-fits-all paradigm, constantly churning out content because their guru told them that more is better (not on my watch Gary Vee…sorry to break it to ya buddy!).
  • Struggling with feeling inauthentic or mixed up with their messaging

In the same boat? Well if that’s the case, it all ends today. You are in safe hands, and I want to give you a huge virtual hug and assure you that you’re in the right place.

Table Of Contents:

Here’s What I’m Going To Share With You In This Guide…

Feeling Stuck in the Social Media Quicksand? Look No Further, You Have Just Found Your Solution…

As we get started, it’s important to be clear about who will benefit from this content (and who won’t). What I’m about to share is perfect for you if…

  • You’re an Agency owner who is looking to create a more scalable business model using the knowledge, skills, and expertise that you already have…
  • You’re a Coach, Consultant, or Expert and want a way to go from one-to-one delivery and scale to a one-to-many model. We have even had several medical professionals that our system has worked really well for…
  • You’re an online Entrepreneur, who wants to find more leveraged ways to sell things – this is definitely for you…(quick side note here: back in the month of July, we did $321k with only…wait for it… 3 sales calls that month! Yep, that’s no typo yo! This really is a leveraged business model.)
  • You’re an expert who is looking to launch a course or coaching business.
  • You’re an established entrepreneur who is already spending money on ads, and is looking to add a stable organic strategy into the mix.
  • You’re someone who has made sales, and are now looking to consistently and predictably hit 10k+ per month. (If you are way beyond that… these strategies will definitely help and THIS higher level mastermind may be a great fit)
  • And even if you’ve already grown your business and now you just wanna get your life back…dude, that’s our specialty!

If you have mentally ticked “yes” to any of the above, then you’re definitely on the right page…Welcome! My team and I are super excited you’re here!

If that’s all you need to hear and you’re ready to work with us, then apply to join us TODAY…We’re looking to bring in 10 more eager go-givers who are ready to rock and roll, and become our next Social Sales STARS™.

Best of all, we’re going to show you how to do that without having to take a single sales callClick here to get started!

If we’ve yet to meet… Who Am I? And Why Should You Listen To Me? Well I’m So Glad You Asked…

My name is Molly Mahoney (aka The Prepared Performer). I might be known as a social sales strategist, but what does that really mean? Well, if I was to give you my 30 second elevator pitch, it would go something like this…

“We help experts and influencers like YOU to grow and monetize their visibility. We do that by creating authentic video content, leveraging organic social media and in person events, with a sprinkling in automation that drives human connection. 

The core of what we do is really about building those relationships that scale, and ultimately skyrocket client sales”…

I have also been a speaker at events like Social Media Marketing World, Traffic & Conversion Summit, Affiliate Summit West, and the Manychat Conversations Conference, plus… I have been featured in Inc. magazine, Forbes, Entrepreneur and more…

After touring the world with Broadway Shows like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang… (yes, I got to meet Richard Sherman and Dick Van Dyke) My husband and I decided to leave our 400 sq foot apartment in NYC and head to California to launch these two: Frank and Charleston. 

I created my company The Prepared Performer® and started teaching performers how to sing and treat their careers like the businesses they could be.

I soon realized it would be more profitable if I flipped my niche and so rather than teaching performers to have a business… I started teaching business owners to perform. 

Well… that proved to be a BIG SMART MOVE because we welcomed in over 50k in sales in just 3 months! 

And Then…A Lightbulb Moment (This Realization Changed My Business Forever…)

Hey, let’s get back to you and why you’re here…

Have you ever felt frustrated, overwhelmed or stressed with your online business? Maybe you’re at a crossroads and don’t know where to go, or which step to take next?

Well that is exactly how I used to feel as well…and Social Sales STARS™ is the resource I wished was around when I began my journey.

You see, when I first started teaching singing lessons back in the day I was “just a regular gal”. I knew loads about singing and dancing… and NOTHING about building a business online much less a following.  All I knew is that I wanted to help people and I wanted the flexibility and financial stability to take my family on amazing adventures.

I knew I had value to share, but had yet to master the ability to bring in the leads and clients who really needed what I had to offer. I was tired, overworked, trying to be what I thought others wanted… and honestly… WORKING 10 JOBS IN 10 DIFFERENT LOCATIONS. I was wondering if I would ever find a way to find that time and financial freedom I had been working for.

Then I embraced the magic of live video and let go of the idea that I had to fit into someone else’s mold. By paying attention to what people were saying and really matching my expertise with a NEED in the marketplace…  In just 3 months I brought in over $50,000 AND was able to cut out a full day of work so I could have more time with my family.

I’ve now put together a proven system that you can use to step into your own spotlight, to skyrocket your reach and sales, so that you can help those who need your products and services most.

But Enough About Me…Let’s Get This Show On The Road!

Sit back, put your feet up and get comfy. I’m about to take you on a quick trip down social media memory lane. If I’m going to turn you into one of my Social Sales STARS™, then it’s important I give you some context to show how we arrived at where we are today.

The social media landscape is constantly evolving. Businesses and entrepreneurs are running themselves into the ground trying to keep up. But that’s a BIG mistake. Here’s why… 

So if we look waaay back to 1985, that’s when AOL first came out. Yikes! Do you remember that? My username was TappingLindy. LOL 

Then, as we move through the timeline, you can see we had LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest etc…

When a new social media platform comes out, we are given this early adopter advantage. It’s where we can jump on these platforms before they take off, be the first to know what’s happening, and kind of ride on the coattails of said platforms.

Now what’s a little tricky, is that we haven’t had many new platforms to take advantage of over the past several years. 

TikTok came out in 2016 and became THE big disruptor in the social media space. And, the other big players still seem to be shaking in their boots a bit because of it…

And now… while ChatGPT is coming on STRONG as a tool that we can use on these platforms, it’s not a new platform itself. (AND… we’ve had a Content Club all about using AI copy tools since 2021, so it’s not really that new!)

I asked myself, if we only rely on taking advantage of these platforms for our success, what do we do when the space goes quiet? How do I guarantee that I can drum up interest ON DEMAND? Whenever I want?

So I hunkered down in my laboratory of awesomeness, and got to work on coming up with a plan. I decided to look inward and see what we can take from all of this, and how we can create our own early adopter advantage.

I knew without a shadow of doubt that we don’t need another shiny tool or platform to do this for us. We are strong, powerful people. We are creative, amazing, unique…and sometimes a little weird, human beings. We can create these advantages ourselves.

The video content space is oversaturated, and trying to keep up is killing businesses. So how do you get off the hamster wheel of content creation? 

Let’s take a look at the technology adoption curve.

The basic gist of the graph is that those who jump in early get the big advantage. 

The early bird gets the worm so to speak. 

Those who move into ACTION see ACTION in their bank account. 

Those who don’t… become LAGGARDS as this graph shows. (Which is a fun word to say… but it’s NOT FUN TO BE!) 

The really good news in all of this? 

Crazy things happen when you’re building businesses. Big sparkly boulders start to fall out of the sky, and it’s easy to get crushed. Our strategies will help you to navigate those so that you are always on the leading edge of the technology adoption curve.

We do this by helping you to create your own self-sufficient ecosystem business model.

This means you can be an innovator, and an early adopter… ANY TIME YOU WANT again and again and again.

What happens for most people is that they are a laggard, because they are taking rigid, cookie cutter advice from gurus who are laggards themselves.

Yep, I said it! 

If you are learning from someone whose best case study is from 2017… uhhh there you go. 

Or, the other side of the coin is when you get someone who is actually getting current results… but they will tell you that if you wanna get your videos to the front page of Google, you need to do like 10 videos a day! That’s not an exaggeration. There are actually people out there teaching that strategy…

Here’s my problem with that…

I care WAY too much about the mental health of entrepreneurs and business owners to even suggest that. So this is where I made it my mission to figure out how we are going to maintain that early adopter advantage without needing to make boatloads of content.

So… I did some digging online and I found this…

In 2016 there were 61% of businesses who were using video. It also happens to be when I first started teaching about video. It was a super awesome time for me, because I was using that early adopter advantage. We had jumped on the video trend before it totally blew up. We were able to bring in $50,000 in three months.

Finding these trends and where things are going is a really great way to stay ahead of the curve, and to be able to make sales more easily.

Now (cue sad music), when you fast-forward onto 2022, the video thing is no longer really being ahead of the curve…that’s because 86% of businesses today are now using video.

And now take a look at these next stats…

A staggering 92% of businesses continue to value video as an important part of their marketing strategy. That’s like everyone…that’s HUGE!

In addition to this 79% of non-video marketers say that they expect to use video marketing as a tool in 2022

THIS is why people are suggesting that you pump out endless video content. With a market this over-saturated, making more and more feels like the only way to even have a chance of getting your foot in the sales door.

So, what does all of this mean? Well, this next graph is the one that really blew my mind…

What I saw here was a study that asked, “What does success with video look like?”

First thing is that 62% of people said video engagement. Now, do we like video engagement? Of course we do! However, we know that is not the main measurement of success. What we also see is that most businesses are tracking engagement, views and even clicks as metrics of success.

But when I saw that only 27% of businesses are looking at bottom line sales as a measurement of success, I looked to the Heavens and screamed “What are you doing!”…

After digesting all of this info, we decided to make a HUGE shift. 

We were no longer going to focus solely on video as our main strategy for our clients. We decided what we needed to do was help clients with their actual sales

It was becoming glaringly obvious that so many people are putting out all of this content, fixated on vanity metrics, and they’re falling down the content rabbit hole.

I don’t want you to fall down that same rabbit hole

And… if you don’t believe me on this one – EVEN INSTAGRAM MADE AN ANNOUNCEMENT IN JANUARY OF 2023 SAYING 

“I think we were overfocused on video in 2022 and pushed ranking too far, and basically showed too many videos and not enough photos. We’ve since balanced, so things like how often someone likes photos versus videos, and how often someone comments on photos versus videos, are roughly equal, which is a good sign that things are balanced.” – Adam Mosseri

Now, I’m gonna tell you something, and I sure hope you’re sitting down for this… 

The Truth Is, Video Views Don’t Matter. Here’s The Real Secret…

What happens around your video is more important than what happens in your video. 

Now I know for some of you this may be like a huge “what the??” moment…and I get that, I really do. I still believe that the substance of your videos plays an important role, and that’s something we will definitely help you with.

AND… The conversations that your content sparks is what truly matters. 

Prioritizing conversations over views is the key to creating your own early adoption advantage. 

Conversations lead to connections, which in turn, lead to SALES.

So, how do we implement this?

This is the real, and beyond awesome foundation that we start with in our Social Sales STARS program.

You’re gonna show up as your own human being and you’re gonna alchemize your magic with our magic. And that’s where you’ll create your own unique Social Selling Circle™ that will sustain your business without being reliant on outside forces.

All right, so now It’s getting exciting, because I’m gonna give you the pieces of this amazing puzzle…okay? Let’s do this! 

Let’s begin with The Social Triangle™. This is the foundational key to unlocking the algorithm of your chosen platform, letting you generate more sales with less content. (And hardly any calls)

There are three components to the triangle…

  • You
  • The platform you choose to use, and
  • Your client.

And that juicy intersection of those components is where the magic happens.

Now, let’s go ahead and dive into each one of these a little more…

YOU: You need to show up and actually exist on a platform. Lots of businesses opt to do this purely via ads; while this can work, we prefer the approach of you know… being a human.

Who woulda thunk it?

Putting in the effort to be authentically YOU will go a very long way. And… it’s honestly RARE. 

YOUR CLIENT: Know who they are, and be where they are. We call these Awareness Playgrounds. When you identify where your client is spending time… and YOU show up there too… The algorithm will notice, connect the dots, and put your content in front of the RIGHT people who are a great fit for your products and services. 

THE PLATFORM: Give the platform what they want. Keeping people engaged and staying on the platform for a longer period of time means more time for the platform to show them ads, meaning the algorithm will prioritize your content.

When these three pieces come together… MAGIC IS UNLOCKED! 

Keeping the principles of the Social Triangle™ near and dear to the heart of your business gives you the tools to build and maintain your own Social Selling Circle™.

And… if you aren’t quite sure about the power behind this strategy… check this out! 

The Social Triangle™ was featured in a book by the OG Godfathers of Internet Marketing, Jay Abraham and Rich Schefren! So… if you don’t believe me… BELIEVE THEM. LOL 

Want a secret shortcut to doing this at a faster pace? YOU can join our amazing group of entrepreneurs who are scaling and simplifying their businesses – with NO ads, NO funnels, and NO sales calls!
We have spots for 5 more members at the moment.
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The Social Selling Circle™…Our 5-Phase Pathway To Turning Your Business Into A Self-Reliant Sales Loop (Without Losing Yourself Along The Way…)

I can hear you now… “Triangles, circles… Molly, this is too much geometry!”

I pinky swear, this is one math class you’re actually gonna want to pay attention to!  

Let’s just call it MOLLY MATH. I promise it will be fun! 

The Social Selling Circle is our 5-phase strategy that we apply, customized to YOU, when you join our Social Sales STARS program. It is our way of turning your business model into a sustainable end-to-end operating system, WITHOUT complicated ads and fancy funnels or high pressure sales calls.

When you decide to become one of our Social Sales STARS, we take your hand and guide you through each phase week by week. We tailor the application of each phase to YOU and YOUR unique, wonderful, amazing vision for your business. 

I know, I know – you may feel like you are currently going around in circles… and you’re tired of doing that, that’s why you’re here! 

I promise, this is the one time where going in a circle won’t make you dizzy. This circle is a far cry from the internet-guru teacup ride from hell that you’re used to.

Our circle will have you excitedly standing in line to go back around again and again. 

So let’s use our Magic Key Genie Pass, skip the queue, and take a trip around the Social Selling Circle™…


This phase is the only one that deals with you as a person, and the rest are all business. But don’t be fooled; it’s the first phase for a reason.

This is the stage where you can make the biggest shift in converting your content to sales. That’s why it is the center of the Social Selling Circle. Being authentic to who you are and channeling that into your content can create massive change

YOU are the big, beautiful, shiny guiding star that everything in your selling circle revolves around. 

And in my experience, this is where people trying to crack the content code often struggle. SOOOO many of my amazing members started out being afraid of existing as their true selves online. And I don’t blame them – pushing your real self out into the limelight for everyone to see can be terrifying.

My solution to this? Comfort food. Specifically for me, a quesadilla.

Unfortunately, I don’t mean a literal quesadilla – it’s a metaphorical one. But if I’m starting to make you feel a bit peckish, feel free to go grab a snack. While you’re at it, you’ll need a pen and paper for this exercise too. 

Go on!

Are you back? Okay, allow me to serve you…

The Quesadilla of Awesome.

Imagine a quesadilla… Everyone loves them, right? A soft, warm tortilla that can be filled with any and every ingredient you can think of. And that’s the beauty of them – you ask 5 people to make a quesadilla, and each person will give you their own version! 

YOU are the quesadilla, and all your quirks and perks are the ingredients that make up YOU.

Earlier, I asked you to get a pen and paper. Take that, and write down your ‘special ingredients’ – 20 things that make you a uniquely awesome human. If you feel stuck, use this acronym to help you.

It’s the word SAAVE, you may think save has only 1 “A.” Here’s the thing… I can’t spell. And, I used to be embarrassed about it, now – I just spell wrong on purpose so YOU can get over my bad spelling. 😉 I have other super powers, I promise. 


Eat (things you like to eat)

That last one is really powerful for unlocking the algorithm. If you don’t believe me… try typing “Brussel Sprouts, Yes or No?” as a post on your personal fb profile and WATCH YOUR COMMENTS ROLL IN. 

Once you have this list… 

Look at this list and be PROUD. THIS is what you need to channel into your content, into your sales conversations, into EVERYTHING you do. Confidence in who you are and what makes you special is the secret sauce to not only building a successful business, but building a COMMUNITY around what you offer.

Serve this quesadilla with pride, and you’ll have people consistently coming back for more.

Now we have a full belly, let’s move into the second stage…


The second phase is all about awareness and this comes in a simple 3 step process.

Who is your ideal client?

*Name of Real Person

*Personal Attributes 

*Professional Attributes 

*Aspirational Goals

*Struggles and Pain Points

*Tickle Points 



Where specifically is your ideal client spending time? 

Facebook Example: 

Your Profile

Your Group 

Your Page





Power Partner Posts 

Power Partner Pages

Power Partner Groups

What problems do they have that you can solve?

We can learn WHO our ideal client is through ‘awareness playgrounds’. Spend 20 minutes immersed in the communities where they hang, and you’ll learn more than you think. 

Find where your clients are and start playing in their playground.

This will give you a leg up in a few different areas:

  • Market research: you’ll learn to speak the lingo of your clients, discover what their issues are, and the solutions that they need oh so desperately (spoiler alert: YOU can provide these solutions!)
  • Opportunities for connection: there’s loads of networking potential in there!
  • Potential qualified leads
  • Even potential SALES (IMAGINE THAT!!) 

Once you get this background knowledge, you can start to build a realistic picture of what your ideal client looks like. And when I say realistic, I mean it. Like, give them a real human name… realistic!

Beginning to think about your ideal client like a unique, multi-layered human being is a vital step in nurturing your awareness and making sure your business stays smack-dab in the center of that Social Triangle.


So… you’ve established who your client is and where they are struggling. What are your solutions, and how do you direct people towards them?


Now is the time to consider what your solutions are, and how you get them to who needs them. The two main components of this consideration are;

  • Strategically presenting your solution
  • Giving people the opportunity to raise their hand and ask for help. 

The typical “guru” strategies for this usually involve scraping lists, hopping on stressful sales calls or cold DMing random people on LinkedIn. (I get cold DM’S constantly. And, I find them to be a great source of entertainment! ????) 

But we do things a little differently… We prefer to help you curate an environment where people willingly come to you. 

The first step of doing this is considering how you will present your solution. And I’m not talking about visual presentation – I mean how will you position your solution in the market in a way that speaks to people.

I like to approach this through creating a Tree of Beliefs™. This is how you will establish your own personal ethos for your business. This belief system will inform the content you put out publicly, as well as flowing through to your personal interactions with clients.

It won’t just help you to get new clients, but will encourage existing ones to stick around and refer their friends. 

This powerful concept is something that I just don’t see anyone else teaching…and they should be. When you join our Social Sales STARS™ community, the Tree of Beliefs is something that I really dive deep into.

Click here to get started!

The second step of getting people to come to you is by putting out free content that encourages them to raise their hand. Give them just enough that they will want to take the initiative to ask for more. 

Hand-raising content starts conversations. 

So how do you do this?

One method that has worked again and again for our members is to post small pieces of content that prompt a response from your audience. 

My favorite example of this is Ebony…

She announced on her Facebook profile that a video was in the works, and asked who wanted to see it. Three days later, as a direct result of that post, she closed a high-ticket sale – Fantastic, right? 

Oh, but it gets better. You wanna know something? She hadn’t even recorded the video yet. THIS is what can happen when you prioritize conversations and connections over views and clicks!

Here’s another example… Newsflash! You probably ended up here because of a hand raising post. Here’s the one the most people came through. 😉 

Because I’ve been building my Social Selling Circle™ since 2013… this post had almost 500 comments in 24 hours! 

That’s a lot of goodness to unlock, and now… you are here reading this info… learning more about our system and how it can help you to have more fun, make more money, and make a bigger impact. 

The consideration phase of the circle is one of my favorites because it’s like MAGIC, and there’s a bit of an art to it… which I love helping people like you to develop! 



At this point, we’ve figured out;

  • Who you are.
  • Who your client is and what their problems are.
  • What your solutions are and how to get clients to ask for them.

How do we convert all of this into sales? 

Well, I’ll tell you how NOT to do it…

  • DON’T send cold DM’s to random people that have no idea who you are.
  • DON’T send ads of your offers to people with zero context.
  • And DON’T hit people with a ‘hey, what’s up’ at 2am trying to worm your sales pitch into a conversation! Seriously. It happens… 

You need to be a real person speaking to other real people

Building a Community Around Your Authentic Content

⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Genuine connections and Human Conversations

⇓ ⇓ ⇓

Strategic Positioning Around Your Offer

⇓ ⇓ ⇓


Putting out content with the intention of sparking conversation and creating genuine connection is key. There are multiple avenues to do this, these are some of my favorites…

When you decide to become one of our Social Sales STARS™, we’ll delve a little deeper into those and find what will work best for you

Then,  after you get your ideal clients to raise their hand expressing interest… you move into a 4 part sales conversion. 

The strategy we teach for sales is SO SIMPLE and it feels good to both people in the convo. No high pressure salesy weirdos!

Ok – time for a warning…

Let’s face it, the new visibility will be great! AND…


Once this starts falling into place and the engagement has started popping… 

Sometimes there are actually too many people to talk to. 

So… in addition to individual conversations, we hold one leveraged sales conversation a month. 

This is a one-to-many call or training. That leads to a sale, an application, or booking a time to chat about working together. 

Some examples are:


5 Day Challenge

Hot Seat Q&A

Video series 

It’s important to hold one of these at LEAST once a month so you consistently give people the chance up BUY!

What I love about this is… there doesn’t need to be a HUGE PRESSURE ALL EGGS IN THE BASKET MOMENT. 

It’s a nice ebb and flow cadence so you have consistent sales and… you because you have a scalable conversion mechanism… you have the power to drum up excitement and a boost of profit anytime you want. 

And now…. The final phase of the Social Selling Circle

Not dizzy yet? Told you it would be a fun ride!


Now we get to the part where you actually deliver something to your clients that is as AWESOME as you are!

Most entrepreneurs try to squeeze themselves into a tiny, cookie-cutter, majorly uncomfortable box that someone else has created. They look to marketing gurus who insist that this off-the-rack one-size-fits-all strategy is the only way to go… 

But not us. We recognise that you are a wonderful, amazing, UNIQUE human!

As Charleston says… 

“Weird is WONDERFUL and SO ARE YOU!  

And what you deliver for your clients needs to reflect this. We do this by developing a three-tiered offer – this gives more people the opportunity to take advantage of what you offer, no matter what stage they’re at.

These tiers usually start out looking something like this: 

Level 1 is the lowest-priced option, Level 2 is mid-range, and Level 3 is your high ticket offer. We tweak the specifics of these tiers depending on YOU and YOUR business. 

Having multiple levels to what you offer expands your reach, allowing you to provide your solutions to more people who actually need them. 

Delivering great results for your clients makes a bigger impact because they are able to make a bigger impact.

This sparks more conversation, creates more new connections, and thus, closes the loop of the Social Selling Circle™. 

If they get excited about their results… they will be excited about sending people to your programs. 

And this, my friends, completes the Social Selling Circle™. It’s a circle because people will keep coming back around and

staying in your little business ecosystem.

So…are you ready to show up and make an impact? 

DECIDE you are ready. Like Po in Kung Fu Panda decided he was ready to become the Dragon Warrior!

Now, you may not become a dragon warrior, but that’s not important. It’s making the decision to show up that’s important. 

For you, this might mean making ONE post… reaching out to ONE person…   

What can you DECIDE you are actually going to implement from today?

This can be scary, and you might need a little help. I want people to be standing, ready to throw their credit card at your face…gently. But most importantly I want you to feel supported in your journey to get there. 

And… because we really do help you to create your own custom Social Selling Circle™ I want to tell you one more secret bit of the strategy that makes this system truly unique. 

We help our members develop a plan of exactly what to do to ensure their business growth. 

This comes in the form of 3 simple checklists.  

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly. 

Daily, we build a plan that helps to unlock the social triangle and build awareness. 

Weekly, we increase visibility by building a content library. 

Monthly, we present a scalable, leveraged offer. 

This Social Sales STARS™ plan is completely customized for you and your business. And we’d love to help you create the perfect blend of a business and a life you love. 

So, I Will Leave You With Three Options…


Option 1: You do nothing.

Honestly, that’s a-okay. If you think you’re traveling well on your own path, all power to you! 

Option 2: You take what I’ve shared with you, and try to put it into action yourself.

I’m glad you’ve learnt something from me! But trying to implement all of this yourself, with no accountability or guidance can get a little tricky… 

Option 3: You recognise you need help and decide to become a Social Sales STAR™! 

Great choice! We’re so excited to work with you to become our next

Social Sales STAR™. Click here to start your application ASAP!

Here’s what’s going to happen once you join us…

Our Social Sales STARS™ program is a 12 month virtual mastermind with one in person event. In these 12 months together, we will:

  • Unlock oooodles of templates and swipe files you can use right away including a 10 Day Accelerator so you can have instant momentum.
  • Get you instant access to the learning management portal and our off-Facebook community platform, with 24/7 support from our community and coaches, and a dedicated space for questions to be answered
  • Meet on our 2-Hour live weekly coaching calls where you can get inspiration, tactics, and feedback from me, my team, and this amazing community. 
  • Ensure your personal Social Triangle forms the foundations of your business,
  • Take you through the phases of the Social Selling Circle and teach you how to implement them unique to your business,
  • Give you daily STAR Tasks – a streamlined checklist that we like to think of as brushing your business’ teeth, 
  • Build out your weekly and monthly visibility and sales system so your business grows with ease.
  • Review how you implement what we teach and give you feedback
  • Celebrate wins and a new way of being… as you make a bigger impact. 

And the most important thing…You’ll learn that it IS actually possible to make more sales by doing less AND having more fun! 

Here’s a little sneak peak of what your journey with us could look like…

So click this link and fill out a Social Sales STARS™ application today. 

You don’t need to hop on some high-pressure call – we will review your application and see if this program is the right fit for you.

(And if you still want to read more… this has more deets)

I won’t lie to you…If you’ve made it this far and still don’t want to join, I’d be disappointed. Not for me, but for you. That’s because…

  • I want you to be a star. 
  • I want you to get more out of less work. 
  • I want you to be your own innovator, early adopter, and really start getting ahead of the curve. 

So even if you don’t decide to join us, there is one super duper important thing I want you to take away from this…

You are a special, unique, amazing, wonderful human that can make an impact greater than you could possibly imagine! 

You need to believe that! 

Because it’s true!

So go forth! Show Up!  Be your own STAR

And know… if you don’t have the full faith that it’s possible yet… we are REALLY good at holding the faith for you! 


Molly Mahoney!