What the Heck is a BOT and why do I need one? Watch me order from Dom (the messenger bot at Domino’s) LIVE.

What the Heck is a BOT and why do I need one? Watch me order from Dom (the messenger bot at Domino's) LIVE.

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  1. Fallon Zoe says:

    Love 🍍❤❤❤❤🌴

  2. I just short circuited my keyboard with drool

  3. Tess Benson says:

    Can your write all the toppings at once?

  4. Let’s try to order a pizza that throws DomBot off. 🤣

  5. They forgot pineapple all the time maybe thus will help

  6. I like veggie pizza with extra garlic and pineapple.

  7. Can u type all the topping at once

  8. I love that!! shiitake mushroom

  9. Did Domino’s do the smart thing and hire you to set up their bots?

  10. I started a bot… panicked and stopped

  11. Are you using ecamm right now?

  12. beat me to the question, Lynda!

  13. Nancy – keep going. What’s the worst thing that can happen? You might make a mistake. Doh!! lol

  14. Tess Benson says:

    Bstarted and stopped too… my poor customers. Gah

  15. Tess Benson says:

    Yay molly!!! Thanks for sharing love!

  16. Thanks 4 helping and showing us new things

  17. Omg…I just had an idea! 💡💡💡💡

  18. Aw! Thanks Kelley Lynda Botmates

  19. so here’s the question.. how does it route the order to the closest Domino’s store??

  20. Stephen Dela Cruz – this is so cool. First, you need to use eCamm. Second, you need to get a bot up and running.

  21. Dean Hankey says:

    I wish eCam would do a PC Version.

  22. Dean Hankey says:

    Oops… Video Interuptus. 😉

  23. Twas very awesome training and so fun!

  24. Molly what is the difference between bottastic and messenger automation academy? Thank you.

  25. Stefani Rae says:

    Julie Pfeiffer Wetherhold this is Molly

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