Where Should I Broadcast My Facebook Live Videos?

With all of the choices, it can be overwhelming! Today I give you really specific questions you can ask yourself before you decide! Then, once you are ready, be sure to download my Creative Consisten Content Planner!
And, I’ve even written out the questions below to make it easier for you!

Answer Yes or No.

Do you want to reach a larger audience?
Will you be turning it into an ad?
Following up with those who have viewed?
Want a pretty thumbnail?
Is it business related?

If the answers are yes… GO LIVE ON YOUR BIZ PAGE.

Want to have a conversation with your peeps and get real time answers?
Want to show your friends and a few potential clients a peek into your life?
Want to have a larger reach while your live rather than worrying about re-purposing?
Can you mask the fact that you may be hinting about biz stuff?

If the answers are yes… GO LIVE ON YOUR PERSONAL PAGE!

Want to create a group of awesome people who share your values?
Want to offer secret info that is only share able with those people?
Want to offer a sale or discount of some sort?

If the answers are yes… GO LIVE IN YOUR GROUP!

PS – I’m using the awesome BeLive.tv system to broadcast from my desktop today, and a really sweet app called iglasses to play with the colors! Love it! #spreadjoy