YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS AN ARTIST: Bad news and what to do with it.

I hope you watched the Tony Awards last night! (That's not your responsibility as an artist… We are going to dig in a little deeper than that. Ha!)

I'm always one to avoid the news. We canceled cable about a year ago, and I've not missed it once… until last night. (Thank you live streaming CBS for making sure I was able to see the Tony Awards)

With all the craziness that has happened over the past few days, I've found myself searching for answers. Searching the news for a reason that this violence has occurred.

A young vivacious singer on the brink of an amazing career was shot and killed while greeting her fans.

An explosion of violence in a room full of young men celebrating life and enjoying time with their friends.

What can we do about this blatant violence and hatred?

While there are many who are involved in politics and security measures and all of that jazz… like most of you, I personally do not have any pull, say, or control over our safety in an “official capacity.”

HOWEVER, as artists, you have something powerful.

We have the ability to use our talents join together to and create music, theater, and art that…








This is your responsibility as an artist!

I hope you understand that this is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. What you have to give this world is not just a little fun, flippant, song and a dance. It is something that is meaningful and POWERFUL.

You are presented with an amazing gift in your ability to share your good with the world.

One things for sure, t”he planet spins, the world goes 'round, and around and 'round and around and 'round.”

My call to you is to take every second and make the most of it. Use your talent to inspire good, to inspire kindness, to inspire joy.

Your goodness is contagious.

Sing your Song!

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Molly Mahoney Shimmer and Shine